Custom Buttons, Magnetic Buttons & Promotional Products Made in USA
Made in America
According to the Manufacturing Institute, manufacturing supports an estimated 12 million jobs in the US. This number was more than 19 million in 1978. Everyone Loves Buttons® is proud to say all of our button parts are manufactured in Wisconsin with USA made steel, and assembled in Arizona on button machines made in the USA! Purchasing products that are made in the USA strengthens the American made dream. Make the choice to Buy American whenever you can. Remember, If we spent just 5% more on made in USA products we could create 1,000,000 jobs!

Our products really are 100% made in the USA!

You better believe it! In a day and age where you can easily find products assembled in the USA with parts that are made in China, we are the exception. Our buttons are 100% made in the USA. Our button parts, machines and other promotional items we offer are made and assembled in the following locations throughout the USA:
  • Button & Magnet Printing & Assembly - Our Manufacturing Facility in Phoenix, AZ
  • Button Parts & Zipper Pull Versa Back® Parts Manufactured - in Fond du Lac, WI
  • Button Machines Manufactured - in Fond du Lac, WI
  • Custom Banners Manufactured - in Phoenix, AZ
  • Custom Die-Cut Magnets Printing & Assembly - in San Diego, CA
  • Custom Stickers, Die Cut Decals, Sign Printing & Assembly - in Lenexa, Kansas
  • USA Made T-Shirts - in Los Angeles, CA - Custom Screen Printing of T's - in Phoenix, AZ 
Stop buying inferior quality buttons with parts sourced from Mexico or China and cheap American one piece pins that fall apart after a single use. #BuyWomenOwned from a Nationally Certified Women Owned (WBE) (WOSB) American company, using only USA made machinery and 2-piece premium button parts.

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