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Best Price Guarantee from by Everyone Loves Buttons Inc.®

What is it?

At Everyone Loves Buttons ® we offer legendary customer service and quality with extremely competitive pricing. It is our goal to ensure we provide you, our customer, with not only the best service, but with the best price as well. That is why we offer a best price guarantee on all of our custom buttons. With the best price guarantee, we will match or beat any competitor's total price of a comparable product.

What is the competitor's total price?

With the best price guarantee, we will match or beat any competitor's total price. What do we mean by total price? The total price offered by any of our competitor's must include button price, shipping price, and any applicable graphic fees, rush fees and tax charges. Some of our competitor's use deceptive advertising strategies to lure you in, only to change the price upon placing the order. An example of this is advertising 1-3 day production on most orders, but charge an additional 125% to get the advertised production times. Also, beware of blanket shipping & handling charges without providing a zip code. These charges can include additional shipping and fees that may not be required to meet your deadline.

What is a comparable product?

To receive the best price guarantee, it must be a comparable product. A comparable product is any button that is made of the same materials, same process (2-piece), and same size. There are button companies out there that offer an inferior 1-piece button that is not a comparable product. A 1-piece button is a single piece of metal (typically not stainless) with a pin soldered onto the back. These buttons typically do not have a very long life as the pins will fall off with normal use. Our buttons are 2-piece buttons, which are made using 2 pieces of stainless steel (plastic back on rectangles and squares), and pressing them together with the graphic and pin. This creates a water tight button that will last for years and years.

How does it work?

To receive a best price guarantee quote, please fax, email or call us with a competitor’s total price – including any set-up fees, sales tax, shipping & handling, and rush charges. After receiving the competitor's quote, we will review the documentation and contact you to discuss pricing and button options.

What is an acceptable verification of a competitor's price?

To receive the best price guarantee, we must receive a formal written quote from one of our competitor's. We will gladly accept a written quote with all fees, a screenshot of a final checkout page including all fees, or an email detailing the order specifics and all associated fees and total.

How do I send you the documentation?

Please either fax the documentation to us at (623) 445-9979, email it to us at [email protected] , or you can even mail it in to us if you prefer. After sending the documentation, please give us a call to confirm receipt, and discuss pricing and moving forward with your project.