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How to Use Campaign Buttons During Political Season

Buttons are the oldest form of politicking here in the US. Political buttons date as far back as President George Washington and the first mass production of metal buttons (similar to the ones used today) go all the way back to the 1896 William McKinley campaign for president. Today, politicians at every level of local and national government use buttons during their campaign to drum up support and sway votes.

Here Are Four Ways You Can Use Custom Campaign Buttons During a Political Campaign:

Use Political Campaign Buttons to Educate People on Your Views

If teachers in your community are striking for better pay do you support their stance or that of the school board? If a developer wants to knock down the old community center to build a mall whose side do you take? It’s important that people understand what your views are so they know whether or not you are the kind of candidate you want to vote for. In most elections, your core base of constituents are those that agree with your political viewpoints. The worst thing a politician do during their campaign is not take a stand for or against something! People don’t like to vote for a politician when they don’t know where that candidate stands on key issues. A button that states “Vote No on Amendment Two” clearly shows people where you stand on that proposition and leaves no room for confusion.

Remind the Community of When and Where to Vote

Getting people to the ballot box is hard enough even when it’s the national Presidential election, so getting your community to the polls for a local election is a massive feat. Buttons are a great way to remind people in your town when and where they can go to vote. You need to hammer that date/location into their minds time and time again in order for it to stick, so alongside community news bulletins, signs, and banners, buttons act as walking billboards to help get the message out.

Buttons Look Great on Camera

If the local news channel comes to an event you can bet they’re taking a lot of B roll footage of the crowd. If all your supporters are there wearing custom buttons with your name on them that’s basically free TV advertising! Buttons are also a great way to help get your name out at a debate that may have multiple candidates speaking, so even if someone doesn’t see your speech they see your name on camera while others are talking.

Give Buttons Away to Volunteers/Fundraisers

No political campaign could happen without a huge influx of volunteers and fundraisers. Create buttons that say “I Support [Your Name]” and ask them to wear those buttons even when they aren’t actively campaigning. Having those people publically throwing their support behind you in their everyday lives can make or break a political campaign. These buttons show that you have real support in your community.