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Top 10 Promotional Products for Boosting Political Campaign Awareness

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Whether it’s a run for mayor, city council, governor, congress, senate, or even president, it is imperative to quickly and effectively get the word out and spread support for your favorite candidate. Buttons, pins, magnets, signs and more are popular and cost-effective tools for promoting political campaign candidates, parties or movements. The right messaging and aesthetic of your promotional products can help gain traction and improve recognition for any campaign, regardless of size.

Political Promotion Item Experts

Fortunately, has the expertise and capabilities to serve as a one-stop shop for all your political campaign promotion needs. We offer fast-track production time and guaranteed delivery dates on orders of 1 to 1 to 100,000+ for all of your promotional product needs. We utilize a full selection of sizes and finishes, including the industry’s most durable, highest quality mylar finish, so that you know your custom promotional products are in line with your campaign vision.
Read about the unique features and benefits of our 10 best political campaign promotional products below or contact a representative for more information on our selection of custom promotional magnets.

Button Pins

Button pins are a perfect way to improve campaign awareness and gain high-volume exposure. Because these pins can be worn with virtually any article of clothing, they are perfect for large-scale promotions. While digital ads and commercials can be spendy, button pins allow wearers to repeatedly promote your campaign with just a single purchase.

Magnetic Button Pins

Magnetic button pins feature a 2-piece button assembly with a strong magnetic backing and function similar to button pins, only they avoid puncturing clothing with a pin. These magnetic promotional products are ideal for candidates, businesses, corporate environments and other instances in which it’s important to promote messaging without leaving a pinhole in one’s clothing.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets can be used in offices, restaurants, parks, schools and as giveaway promotional products to help support your political campaigns. Magnets are durable, easily customizable and can be mylar-topped to ensure your messaging really pops. Our new retail size 2.5 x 3.5" provides even more space for you to make an impression.

Die-Cut Flexible Fridge Magnets

Flexible fridge magnets provide added durability as they can withstand bending, twisting and folding without taking significant damage. These die-cut magnets are customizable to your exact designs.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great marketing tool for promoting your campaign in specific neighborhoods, streets, houses, apartment complexes, offices and more. These door hangars can include campaign information and even direct people to landing pages, events and more.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are one of the most popular methods for displaying your campaign imagery and messaging to the public. These durable, versatile outdoor signs work great on lawns and alongside roads for political campaign promotions. They are easy to install and can be double-sided.


Banners offer the largest possible surface area for promoting your political campaigns. Banners can be made as large as 5’ x 12’ and can be available in just 5 business days. For custom, reinforced viny political promotion banners that are both sizeable and portable, look to

Clip Buttons

Clip buttons, or bulldog clip buttons, rely on a spring-loaded metal clip on the back to hold on tight to your shirt, fit outside of your pocket, on a landyard or in other applications. These clips function similarly to a button pin but without causing pinholes. These clips clamp hard and pivot to the right position to ensure they stay attached and your clip is seen.


Bottle Opener

Custom magnetic bottle openers are great giveaway promotional items for advertising your campaign or event. Our 2.25" magnetic bottle openers are the perfect size to fit in your pocket.

Fully Customizable Political Campaign Promotional Item Applications

In addition to being ideal promotional tools for increasing campaign awareness, our promotional products are perfect for fundraisers and keepsakes for political candidates of all levels.
Protest And Activist Buttons & Magnets can provide a unique button design that exemplifies your support causes. With a near limitless amount of unique design and customization options to choose from, we have a button that is right for you.
“I Voted” & Voter Awareness Products
Whether you’re looking for a standard “I Voted” button or an “I Voted” button that encompasses a specific candidate or political campaign, Custom Buttons can provide you with a unique color or design scheme that will truly impress.
Durable Campaign Buttons
Our buttons are produced using high-quality, USA-made 2-piece parts that will stand the test of time, delivering a custom button that you will be proud to wear or give out.

Why Choose For Promotional Products is an established industry leader in the custom button, custom magnet and promotional product industries. Some benefits to choosing as your promotional product manufacturer include:

Fast-Track Delivery Option

For those of you who need your products FAST, we offer our Fast-Track button production option of 1-4 day & Same Day Service at check out. When choosing Fast-Track production / shipping date at checkout, your costs are already calculated using the most cost-effective way to meet your guaranteed in-hand delivery date. All of our promotional products are100% printed and produced in Phoenix, AZ USA by a family-owned business

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