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If you’ve ever seen someone wearing a button while you’re walking down the street, at the park, on the subway or any public setting, you’ve probably wondered what the button is for or what it says. Despite the constant migration of advertising and marketing efforts from door-to-door efforts to the digital world, the benefits of promotional marketing though wearable custom buttons remains a cost-effective, efficient marketing strategy for companies, political campaigns and more. Customized buttons stand out from the norm, and if someone is wearing a custom button pin, you know they have something to say to the world. 
In this era of digital marketing, something personalized and tangible such as a button pin can go a long way to make you more memorable to a customer or client. An ideal way to optimize actual in-person marketing efforts is through a fully customized marketing kits.

Custom buttons for marketing

What Are Marketing Kits

A marketing kit is a convenient and cost-efficient strategy for promoting awareness, showcasing your products or services and creating a narrative or slogan that allows you to make an impression on your target audience. Marketing kits allow you optimize your marketing efforts by creating a variety of exciting, tangible, customized products that allow you to showcase your company offering to a broader audience. These kits can include buttons, magnets, pins, and additional pamphlets about your complete list of products or services. This array of unique products can be customized to emphasize your brand messaging, differentiate you from your competition or outline your product or service.

Benefits of Button Marketing Kits

Marketing kits allow you to expand on your marketing efforts in a variety of ways. Marketing kits offer several unique advantages to help launch your marketing efforts or complement your existing advertising methods, including:
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Promoting a specific product
  • Launch a political campaign
  • Reinforcing messaging
  • Creating new & exciting slogans
  • Aligning your messaging with imagery
  • Providing additional information & more!

Tips on Creating Your Buttons & Kits

A fun, vivacious company will want a button design that really pops with bright colors and images, even steering away from the traditional round button and choosing a square or rectangle one can help you say: we stand out.
A company that is more traditional, and perhaps even subdued, can use a branded logo or imagery they feel represents them well, along with basic or neutral colors. Just because your button doesn’t have bright colors and loud images, doesn’t mean you’re boring. You’re telling people that you’re professional and want to be seen that way. Buttons are a voice A button or custom pin gives a company the opportunity to tell people who you are in a few short words or with a picture. A simple mantra like Carpe Diem, or a strong word like Believe, can make a strong statement to everyone who sees your button. A short company or campaign slogan is something that can go a long way as well.

What Goes in a Custom Buttons Marketing Kit

While every marketing kit that we design is unique to your specific needs, we are proud to be your trusted supplier of single or bulk custom promotional buttonsmagnetic back buttonsnovelty fridge button magnetszipper pulls®, stickers / decals, lanyards and more. Featured items include event boxes and swag bags for large-volume production opportunities.

Event Boxes & Swag Bags

Swag bags and event boxes are personal, customized packs that allow you to combine all your favorite aspects of your brand into a single, personalized kit. Popular even box and swag bag uses include:
  • Event or convention attendee giveaway
  • Employee appreciation or new-hire onboarding
  • Thank you and seasonal gifts
  • High-profile business-to-client promotion
Please reach out to a Custom Buttons expert at 623-445-9975 and let us start creating marketing kits customized to your needs.

How Custom Buttons Can Be Used for Marketing

There is a plethora of ways to use buttons as part of your marketing strategy, some ways you can use buttons are more basic, but others will help you stand out from the rest.
  • Give away a button
Give button pins away at a trade show, while walking down the street, at schools, anywhere you can to get your message or your information out there.
  • Use buttons for a prize drawing
Include a code or number on your button pins and have a drawing for button-holders to win a prize. This will ensure that they hold on to them for at least a short time.
  • Use a button as a business card
Print your business card on a button and hand it out in meetings or conferences. People will never forget who you are.
  • Send a button in the mail
Send your button with any correspondence or products that you mail out. An attractive pin will get its way into the hands of many who are probably not expecting it, but will enjoy it.
  • Wear your button
Wearing your button will raise questions about you and why you are displaying the logo or slogan. You never know who will approach you to ask about it. When you think of custom buttons and pins, you might think of political campaigns or even Jennifer Aniston in Office Space sporting buttons on her suspenders. Whatever comes to mind, personalized buttons stand out and are a unique way to market yourself, your company, or a cause to the world.


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