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5 Reasons Why Button Pins Make Great Marketing Tools

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The versatility of marketing can sometimes leave out options that make your business stand out. At by Everyone Loves Buttons™, we know that button pins and magnetic buttons are a great way to show off your brand, promote your business, gain attention for a cause, or support a club. Here are 5 reasons why button pins make great marketing tools.

Button Pins Can be Put on Anything

Custom button pins offer endless marketing opportunities. Eye-catching buttons make great accessories and quickly draw attention to your business, cause, or club. With your custom designs and logos, button pins and pin-free clothing magnets can promote your business, by highlighting products, social media, or new information about the company. Buttons are also great for fostering club memberships and causes by displaying slogans, designs, and logos with high visibility. Custom button pins and magnetic buttons can be attached to a wide variety of items like:
  • Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Clothing
  • Lanyards & ID Badges
  • Pin Boards & Displays
  • And so much more!
Spread your messaging and garner support easily using custom button accessories that can be sold or given away for increased brand visibility.

Customize Marketing Buttons with Your Logos & Designs

We can make button pins with any custom logo, QR code, URL, business name, slogan, or design. Using unique artwork to promote your business can help you stand out from the competition, bringing attention and increasing awareness with exciting, eye-catching custom buttons. There are infinite possibilities for your designs, and with the right message, you can turn visitors or customers into ambassadors who effortlessly advocate for your cause or promote your brand by wearing buttons.

Promotional Buttons are Cost-Effective

Buttons featuring your designs can increase brand awareness without breaking the bank. More cost-effective than other forms of marketing, we can produce marketing buttons with your logos and designs in bulk at competitive prices. Instead of business cards or mailers, impress prospective individuals with button pins that make your company or cause get noticed. With a low production cost, custom buttons can be manufactured for wholesale opportunities or to give away at events.

Custom Buttons are Great Marketing Opportunities as Retail Goods & Freebies

Easy to distribute, promotional buttons can be sold as retail or given away as freebies. Political events, school fairs, and club memberships are excellent opportunities to give away buttons with your logos, turn passers-by into brand ambassadors for your cause or business, and spread your message in a snap. They can also be a great impulse sales product. If displayed next to a register, buttons can increase sales and be worn or accessorized for promotional opportunities.  Marketing your cause or business becomes trouble-free instantly with custom buttons.

Our Buttons are Made to Last from Quality Materials

Promotional buttons from by Everyone Loves Buttons™ are 100% made in the USA and use durable, high-quality materials to manufacture our button pins and magnets. Our two-piece pins are made from strong, American-made materials and assembled with American machinery for premium, custom button pins and magnetic buttons featuring your designs. Marketing your business can be long-lasting, cost-effective, and unique with custom buttons and magnets.

Get in Touch with Us for Top-Quality Marketing Buttons for Your Business

We are an American distributor of button pins, magnet buttons, and promotional products to enhance your marketing strategies. We partner with retailers, offering cost-effective solutions and advantages for quantities of custom buttons made from long-lasting materials. Our capabilities support various print and graphic setup options, including orders with multiple designs; we use button templates and can archive your artwork for a minimal fee to simplify reorders. Contact us with your questions, or fill in our hassle-free quote form to get started.