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Tips on Creating the Best Political Campaign Button

With the political season well under way, there are a few things to consider when designing a political campaign button. If you are looking to create a political button this year here are four things to keep in mind:

  1. There is less space than you think.

Even by going with one of largest sizes, a 4” button, that doesn’t mean you have 4 inches to design you button in. The button graphics have what is called a bleed line, and any design you have outside of this line risks being cut off when the final button is produced. In all actuality your final design is limited to a 3.8056 inches. This way your design doesn’t get pushed all the way to the edge of the button.

  1. Less is more.

When it comes to designing your campaign button don’t get too crazy. You want to choose your design elements carefully because are working with such a small space. You want to make sure that your name or the candidate’s name is prominently featured, which limits what other design elements that can be added. It can be difficult if you are trying to squeeze a picture, a slogan, and a name all on the same button. Be sure if you are trying to rely on just an image or a logo that t he voters know who or what the logo or image represents.

  1. Humor doesn’t always work.

Wordplay can be a great way to capture peoples attention, however you should also keep in mind the audience you are trying to reach. What you may find hilarious and clever your constituents might find that humor silly or offensive. A poorly timed joke or misunderstood pun can actually turn voters against you or the candidate you support.

  1. Colors matter.

When it comes to politically minded colors, nothing stands out more in the US than red, white, and blue. You can bet that most political buttons feature only these three colors. A tip that may help your buttons stand out is having a small batch of different colored buttons. These will catch people’s eye because they stand out and aren’t common for political buttons.


If you are interested in seeing some political button samples, check out our political campaign button page under our samples tab.

As always have a great day and #LuvMyButtons!

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