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The Theory of Colors with Logos

Recently, Everyone Loves Buttons® has been going through some changes. We have been working on the launch of our new website, diving into the theory of colors, and working on new products.


While creating our new website, we started a discussion of what colors are most important to us on our website; from the buttons our customers will click on, to the background colors, and even to our logo colors. As many of you know, our beloved Happy Face logo consists of three main colors: Red, Golden Yellow, and Black. Our logo has seen changes in design over the last 20 years, but one thing that has stood the test of time is our colors. Those colors have been apart of our brand identity from the beginning.


Take a look at some of the most famous and recognizable brands, like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Snapchat. Without even seeing their logos, in your mind you can picture what colors their brands are. Logos are carefully constructed when a business begins, from the initial design, to the font style, to colors represented. There’s a reason some of the most powerful colors in the marketing industry are Red, Blue and Yellow.



Often times we, as consumers, don’t even think about what a color means to us, and that is why it gets overlooked. Designing buttons isn’t any different. When we help our customers out with their custom button designs, one of our first questions (after size and quantity) is what colors are you thinking of.


Most people are trying to make a statement, be bold and draw people in. There’s a reason that Ask Me Buttons are often red with white text. Red is a passionate color; it evokes powerful emotions such as love, passion, and energy. When wearing an Ask Me button you are inviting someone to engage with you, it draws people in. The red heart in our logo is to represent love, while our Happy Face is yellow. Yellow is another power color because it is the color of sunshine and happiness. It is a feel good color that grabs attention and is used a lot with brands that promote enjoyment and fun.


When it comes to colors like white and black, we personally think those are the more subtle colors that should be used to complement your design. Black can represent power, elegance, and sophistication (think tuxedos, and black tie affairs), but it can also have a negative effect on your audience and can represent the unknown and negativity, so use black sparingly. The color white typically represents innocence, wholeness, and purity, but it can also leave spaces looking cold and uninviting if used too much.


Paul Rand, who is one of the most famous and recognized American designers for the 20th Century, known most for his corporate logo designs for IBM, UPS, ABC, has a saying that hits the head on the nail, “Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated”. Graphic design is a subtle art that allows us to push and pull on emotions using pictures, text, symbols, and of course color.


The key for your custom buttons is to create a color palette that is both appealing to your eye but also draw in an audience. One reason logos are created is to allow consumers to be able to visually recall your brand. Buttons are a great way to market yourself, your company, your product, or your call to action. We call them your Silent Salesmen, as they are versatile for every event or situation from birthday parties, to conventions, to sales floors. Each button is carefully curated to tell a story, and we want to help you tell that story down to the colors on your buttons.

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