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The New School Year is Here!

The New School Year is Here!

School is back in session for some school districts here in Arizona and it’s this time of year that we get button orders from schools and teachers. Buttons make a great memento for students on their first day and throughout the school year.

There are many different ways a school or a teacher can use buttons inside the classroom to show a student’s success.

The first way is why not use buttons instead of name tags for the first few days or weeks of school. Buttons are more durable than paper and less likely to get forgotten or damaged if you have your students turn in their button or clip it onto their backpacks. Our buttons are topped with a thin piece of plastic called Mylar which allows the surface to be written on with dry erase and permanent marker.

Another way that we see here quite often, are schools buying Happy Birthday buttons. These buttons celebrate the student’s birthday and it is just an unexpected token to show that the school cares about its students.

Finally, buttons can be used to show a student’s success in the classroom, such as acing that really hard test for the older students or finally learning the alphabet for the younger students. Either way it gives the teacher an opportunity to show praise to their students and give them a memento of their success.



From all of us here at Everyone Loves Buttons good luck in the new school year!

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