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PHILADELPHIA VS EVERYONE 3″ Free Button is A Must-Have for your SuperBowl Party!

Got your Free Button for the Big Game?

We have started a new twitter account @AFreeButton where a couple times month we will be offering A FREE BUTTON based on what is going on in life. Our first FREE BUTTON is a 3” PHILADELPHIA VS EVERYONE button. If you’re interested in viewing our samples, check them out here:

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia eagles announced they will be wearing midnight green jerseys to the super bowl. This was announced on social media with the post also including a video of the Super Bowl LII patches being sewn onto their jerseys.

No one thought the Philadelphia Eagles would win in the playoffs. Never mind being the NFC Conference CHAMPIONS after quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a season ending ACL injury.

Even though Wentz tore his ACL, he remained a contributor to the team. He has been on field level the past couple of games and troubleshoots with other quarterbacks while on the sidelines. Wentz also helps prep the team for their next opponent. This kept him involved for the rest of the season.

“Carson’s there every day, and that’s important because I’ve seen guys who get hurt, it’s hard for them to have a huge investment in the team. They’re not playing. It’s hard to watch other people on tape and do all that,” Malcolm Jenkins said. “Obviously, where we are right now, a lot of that was on Carson’s back, so we want to make sure that we don’t exclude him in everything that’s happening right now.”

Wentz, Peters and Maragos are all three of the captions on the Eagles and have been their to represent their team on and off the field. All three of these captains had their seasons cut short but have remained to be part of the experience. While the three may feel disconnected from the field, their leadership has been very helpful for the team.

Well, we are from Arizona and not Philadelphia, but are still celebrating this momentous achievement with this 3” PHILADELPHIA VS EVERYONE button as former Arizona Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles is now at the helm and leading the Philadelphia Eagles to SuperBowl LII vs the New England Patriots.

With a Philadelphia vs. Everyone button you can express your support for the Eagles and the hard work they have put in this season. This button can also be worn for several Super Bowl festivities. It can be worn to a Super Bowl watch party, to football related events, and even out in public just to show your support.

Wear your button with pride! #FlyEaglesFly

The Big Game and Buttons

The Big Game and Buttons are in Phoenix, AZ

Come Sunday, February 1st, all eyes will be on the Big Game in Phoenix, Arizona. This year the Seattle Seahawks face off against the New England Patriots. The week before the big game is about gearing up for the game, parties, and of course the fans. The Big Game began in 1967 when the American Football League (AFL) and National Football League (NFL) came together for a World Championship game. In 1970 the NFL and AFL combined into one league, the NFL, with two conferences: AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference). The winner of each receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which was given its name in honor of the Green Bay Packers coach who led his team to victory in each of the first two Super Bowls. Pin back buttons have been used as advertisements since the first presidential inauguration in 1789 when George Washington’s supporters wore buttons imprinted with a slogan. Over the years, the buttons evolved to the standard celluloid buttons we see today. These buttons can be used for political, advertisements, and for personal use. Many companies advertise using custom buttons, other companies use them for concession stands or customer service and there is no exception with the upcoming big game. Companies such as Papa Johns and Aramark use our service for just those things. Papa John’s is at Super Bowl Central with a football-centric fan interactive experience that includes sampling a variety of their popular pizza combinations. Papa John’s is in the House and they are advertising their name using a new type of button called a Zipper Pull® which you can Clip N’ Zip to any zipper.  Aramark is a professional service for food, facilities management, and uniforms. This Super Bowl, they are using customer service buttons in order to serve the public in a better, more efficient manner. Hosted in Glendale, Arizona there are tons of things to experience while out here for the big game. There is Super Bowl Central is a free, football-themed outdoor fan and visitor experience, which will be the hub of the fan, sponsor, media, and NFL activities. Live entertainment, the Grand Canyon experience and fan attractions make up this amazing fan experience. Papa is in the House – Papa John Collector Zipper Pulls® at Super Bowl Central.