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Love is in the Air

Can you guess which holiday has an estimated 150 million cards and gifts sent out and 448 million dollars spent on candy in the U.S?

You guessed it! The holiday of love, Valentine’s Day.

It is a day to celebrate romance and love between couples and friends. Valentine’s Day traditions include exchanging gifts, like chocolate or flowers dating back to both Christian and Ancient Roman times. We often see decorations with hearts, doves, Cupid with his bow and arrows, and everything is pink and red. Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world in many countries other than the United States, like: Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.

The holiday is believed to be named after Saint Valentine. The most famous legend behind Saint Valentine is that Valentine was imprisoned and he sent the first ‘valentine’ to a young girl who was rumored to be the jailer’s daughter. Before he died, it is alleged that he wrote to the girl and signed the letter, “From Your Valentine”. Another legend that surrounds Saint Valentine is that Valentine was a priest who preformed marriages for young lovers in secret after Emperor Claudius II banned all young men from marrying.

The oldest known valentine was from Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415; this in now apart of the manuscript collection in the British Library located in London. Valentines became more common in the United States after the early 1700’s.

In many schools, children hand out Valentine’s Day cards and candy to their classmates. They even are encouraged to decorate boxes for the cards to be put in. Some people will throw parties to celebrate Valentine’s Day or even Anti-Valentine’s Day parties for those who are celebrating being single.

Whether you are celebrating the day of love or celebrating being single, what better way to do it that with a custom button or Zipper Pull®?

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Customer Spotlight Augustana College

Customer Spotlight Augustana College


One of our loyal zipper pull ® AND custom button clients is Augustana College.

Augustana College, located in Rock Island, Illinois, is a 115-acre wooded campus that was founded by Swedish settlers in 1860 as an independent college of the liberal arts and sciences with a background in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. They feature a 12-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio and approximately 2,500 students who vary in geographic, social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The Augustana Vikings are part of the NCAA Division III and have a variety of men’s and women’s varsity teams, as well as intramural programs for those students who want to play for fun. Augustana College also offers a variety of student activities such as music ensembles, theatre, religious, political, and even a local Greek system. They boast the success of more than 25,000 alumni who have a 95 percent rate of pursuing an advanced degree and 87 percent of students were accepted into their first or second choice of graduate schools. Augustana college also offers a wide variety of courses of study and minors, but they also have coordinated degree programs such as: dentistry, engineering, and forestry to name a few. Their mission is to develop qualities of mind, spirit, and body necessary for a rewarding life of leadership and service in a diverse and changing world. Augustana College also likes to give back to community by offering affordable creative art classes for children over the summer, opening up their observatory to the public, and welcoming the public to their Fryxell Geology Museum. Augustana College is also very active with their social media, tweeting congratulations to students who have recently been accepted into their college, scores of recent varsity games, and updating students on events happening around campus. The most recent event happening on campus is the theatre’s production of Aesop’s (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables, which is a great event for the whole family. Another Event that continues into mid-February is the Art Matter: Triennial Art Faculty Exhibition, which showcases recent works by the Augustana faculty. For more information about Augustana College, you can visit the following to learn more about their latest events and what it takes to be an Augustana Viking.: (, Twitter (@Augustana_IL) and their own website ( Zipper Pulls are a registered trademark of Everyone Loves Buttons Inc. ® and allows you to show off your brand in a unique way.