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Customer Spotlight: Mayor John Mirisch of Beverly Hills

We would like to acknowledge one of our most decorated clients, John Mirisch, during a special time in his political and professional career. Mirisch was just reelected to serve as Mayor of Beverly Hills, California.


Mirisch previously served as the Mayor of Beverly Hills from 2013 to 2014, as well as from 2016 to 2017 following a brief stint as vice mayor.

Everyone Loves Buttons is happy to have created some election buttons to help spur Mirisch’s ascension back into office.

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He is a hometown kid, who attended Beverly Hills High School before traveling out East to graduate magna cum laude from Yale in 1985. Mirisch started his professional career at 20th Century Fox. He later became Managing Director of the Austrian office of United International Pictures and served on the Boards of the Austrian and Swedish Film Distributors’ Associations and the Swedish Academy Awards Selection Committee.

Mirisch capped off his impressive career in the entertainment industry by working as an executive at Paramount Pictures before entering the world of politics.


Mirisch is a dual Swedish-American citizen, which allowed him to become the first Swedish national to serve as mayor of Beverly Hills.

During his first stint as mayor, Mirisch formed the Sunshine Task Force, aimed at creating a model of governmental transparency and public participation. He also led the way to establishing the Cultural Heritage Commission to honor Beverly Hills’ rich history and architectural legacy.

We want to wish Mayor John Mirisch and the city of Beverly Hills the best of luck in the years to come.