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Everyone Loves Buttons Customer Spotlight – Patriot Outfitters

In 2006 Patriot Outfitters opened their first tactical gear retail store right outside Ft. Riley.  The company supplies all major brands of tactical and duty gear to U.S. Military, law enforcement, government agencies, security, Patriot OutfittersEMT, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. In the last 8 years Patriot Outfitters experienced explosive growth and today they have over 20 stores and more than 150 Patriot Outfitters team members! They have a huge production selection, because they believe that every squad, platoon, company or brigade’s mission is different and therefore requires different gear. They don’t believe in “cookie cutter” stores and the location of their store is what defines the inventory; not their vendors.

Everyone Loves Buttons is proud to support a business that is dedicated to outfitting our military.  We created an Air Force graduation button for a promotion at their store in Texas and  we are currently working on a custom button design for their stores in Georgia.

You can see a photo celebrating the Air Force graduation on their company Facebook page at