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Buttons Make for Great Tradeshow Giveaways

A 2003 study by Georgia Southern University, and published by the Promotional Products Association International, looked at the effect that promotional products and giveaways had on tradeshow attendees.

  • 62.6% of trade-show attendees stated they had received a promotional product.
  • 71.6% of attendees who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product.
  • 76.3% of attendees had a favorable attitude toward the company that gave them the product.

Providing promotional gifts, like customized buttons, to attendees at trade shows, increases the likelihood of them remembering the name of your company. Those tactile giveaways can also help your booth stand out among promo_062the hundreds of other booths, making your brand rise head and shoulders above the rest and drive more people to your booth. For instance, at the Detroit Auto Show a few years ago, Everyone Loves Buttons® CEO Maura Statman helped organize a custom button printing booth, where show attendees could design their own buttons. Everyone Loves Buttons® provided different sized and shaped buttons, various design templates, and even the button printing machines needed to crank out thousands of buttons right there on the showroom floor. Once a few attendees printed their custom buttons and went back on the floor other guests began asking where they too could get a button and the button craze was off!

Those buttons got people talking and interested in our booth, turning it into a destination spot for conference attendees. What more could any brand want than to have people actively seeking them out at a conference?

Buttons make for great tradeshow giveaways for a few reasons. First and foremost, they are a much more durable than a bumper sticker or flyer. Over the course of a 3 day conference those flyers are probably going to get ripped and crumbled and end up in the hotel trash can. But a button can be easily pinned to their jacket or conference lanyard and survive even the most intense tradeshow.

Secondly, buttons are great tradeshow giveaways because they are mini walking billboards, advertising your booth and your brand to those who have yet to stop by. You can even put your booth number or special promotion on the button design, making it specific to that tradeshow. Or you can stick with your logo and general message, and save the leftover buttons for another day! Advertising or sponsoring a conference can be wildly expensive, so handing out buttons to everyone that comes by your booth is a great way to increase brand exposure at the tradeshow without completely blowing your marketing budget.

Buttons are great tradeshow giveaways because they help build your brand’s presence at the event, but don’t cost a fortune to produce and distribute. You can order them in multiple sizes and shapes, making them even more unique and customized to fit your brand’s image. And the best part? They can be easily stored and saved for the next tradeshow, handed out at your place of business, or given away at another event.

ELB Customer Button Spotlight – Bowdoin College Athletics

Bowdoin College Athletics

Who and Where is this small liberal arts college:

Recently, Everyone Loves Buttons® did an order for the  Bowdoin College baseball program  is a small liberal arts college is Brunswick, Maine. as part of a fundraising campaign.

One of the eldest varsity teams in collegiate sports history, the Bowdoin College baseball team began playing around 1867, with its first intercollegiate competition against Dartmouth in 1869. Nearly 140 years later, the Polar Bears have accumulated over 1,000 wins and have established themselves as one of the top teams in New England.

We also did football and lacrosse buttons for their respective booster clubs.

Buttons for Bowdoin College Athletics

What Can Promotional Products Do For You?

According to a report done by the Promotional Products Association, 71% of an audience (consisting primarily of business people) reported having received a promotional product in the last 12 months. And 52% of respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product. Clearly, promotional items like pens, calendar, buttons, and bumper stickers can be well worth the investment! They are a great way to introduce your business to new customers, drive new business, and build your overall brand. But which items are the best for your business? How should you spend your promotional product budget to get the best bang for your buck? Read More

Are You Ready for Your Business’s Opening Day?

Opening a small business, be it a restaurant, gym, or hair salon, is a massive undertaking. Everyone Loves Buttons™ started in 1997 so we know exactly what it takes to get a business up and running! There are a million and one pieces of paperwork that you have to keep track of just to open the doors, like applying for your Federal Employer Identification Number and getting the appropriate licensing, but the paperwork is only a tiny part of your massive to-do list! And trust us when we say that the to-do list only grows as your business does. But before you start worrying about what you need to take care of 6 months or 6 years from now, here is a short check-list of everything you need to be ready for opening day! Read More

ELB Customer Button Spotlight – Palm Springs Follies

Palm Springs Follies last Hurrah!

The famous Palm Springs Follies is having its final farewell season after 23 years in showbiz.  The Follies’ 23rd edition, The Last Hurrah!, will be a greatest hits show with the best dance production numbers from past years, three iconic headliners and three remarkable variety acts packed into one spectacular Follies season.

Buttons for Palm Springs Follies
The Palm Springs community took the show to its heart and 23 years and nearly four-million patrons later, the Follies has gained a worldwide reputation for glamour and excitement, been featured as the subject of innumerable magazine and newspaper articles and countless television specials, and plays to packed houses at every performance, up to nine shows a week, seven months a year. The shows performers range in age from 55 to 84 and undoubtedly the Follies has proven Billie Burke’s (aka Mrs. Florenz Ziegfeld and a star in her own right) famous quote, “Age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese.”

Everyone Loves Buttons™ has been producing buttons for the Palm Spring Follies for the last 5 years. We are certain their style, pizzazz, and show will be sorely missed!

Celebrate Your Business’s Success with Buttons!

The oldest bar in America is the Old ’76 House (sometimes just ’76 House) and was built in 1686 by the Dutch Immigrants who founded Tappan, New York, making it 328 years old! Now that’s what we call a successful Celebrate Your Business's Success with Buttons!business. Most small businesses, and even giant corporations, won’t make it to their 328th anniversary. In fact, according to the SBA (Small Business Association) over 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years…a fry cry from the Old ’76 House. But if your business has made it passed that statistic then it’s definitely time to celebrate! Why not announce your success with some custom buttons!

If you are a restaurant that has been around for 100+ years, like Aunt Chilada’s here in Phoenix, your local community can’t imagine (and certainly no one can remember!) a time without you. For your next anniversary, even if it’s only 10 years and not 100, why not throw a big party for yourselves?! Custom buttons can be designed to celebrate your anniversary and feature your logo, slogan, or a Happy Birthday message to yourself. Your servers can wear these buttons in the weeks leading up to your special event to let your customers know that an awesome party is coming! You can also create a few button designs that feature special drink or meal specials for your anniversary event. At the event itself you can also hand out another button design to all your patrons that come, as a small way to thank them for their continued support.

If your town holds a 4th of July Parade or some sort of community festival and your business is looking to enter a float, why not throw out custom buttons celebrating your best years in business (alongside the usual candy of course!). These buttons could even be used as coupons by your customers if you added a promotional deal to them, such as 20% off their next meal. This way you guarantee your future patrons will hold onto those buttons and you’ll drive some extra foot traffic through your doors. Best of all, when they turn in their buttons to get their deal you can keep them (provided they are in good shape still) and use them at another local event! Buttons are much more durable than slips of paper and can be used time and time again.

The great thing about custom buttons is that they come in all shapes and sizes so you don’t have to compromise on your “perfect design.” You can easily create multiple buttons in various sizes with different designs so you always have the right button on hand for any occasion. Since buttons can’t go bad you can store them for as long as you need and reuse them over the years (for things like seasonal specials) And since they are much more cost effective than t-shirts, you can afford to go a little crazy with your design choices.

Everyone Loves Buttons Customer Spotlight – GM

Everyone Loves Buttons™ has made hundreds of thousands of buttons over the years for hundreds of clients, big and small. We’ve worked with restaurants, sports organization, non-profit and charity groups, marketing agencies and more. Some clients need a couple hundred buttons to meet their needs, while others needed a couple thousand! Every custom button job, big or small (and even rush order), is important to us at Everyone Loves Buttons™, but one of the biggest and coolest jobs we ever had meant creating 10s of thousands of buttons for GM for the Detroit Auto Show.

Here is the story of 10,000 buttons right from our CEO Maura Statman,

One of our clients is the advertising agency for GM. Two years ago I was invited to participate in a special project that took place at the North American international auto show (NAIAS) in January 2012. This annual show in Detroit, MI kicks off the auto industry’s newest models. I was invited to  train hired staff (from the local talent and modeling agency) who were to make buttons during the show.  There were preprinted graphic inserts that show attendees decorated themselves  and then the button staff assembled the buttons right there and then.

GM had a button booth constructed, which at the time was part of the rollout of the Chevy Sonic car targeted to the 20-something driver. The button booth was transported to the various US  and international auto shows throughout that year. Not only did our company make tens of thousands of pre-made buttons for the show in various designs, but we also supplied all of the button parts and machines as well. The button booth concept and the “make your own button” activity was a huge success and is still being used in 2014.

Event and promotional buttons are a great way to promote your company, your brand, and your products. And while you may not have the marketing budget to order 10s of thousands of buttons and create a whole button booth for your next event, even a few hundred custom designed buttons can go a long way!

Use Buttons to Bring Conference Attendees to Your Booth

At industry conferences, most companies are looking to connect with potential customers, and sometimes new business partners, by showing off their latest and greatest products/services, trying to generate some buzz around their company with cool demos or presentations, and build up their overall brand as an industry thought leader. But having a great booth is only half the battle at an industry conference—everyone there has a great booth! So how can you make your company, your brand, and your booth the place to be at your next conference appearance? With custom buttons of course! Read More

Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up in a few weeks, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish,” buttons and shamrock sunglasses are popping up on shelves all over the place. But why exactly do Irish lads and lasses deserve so much love? Why don’t we see “Kiss Me, I’m Italian” or “Kiss Me, I’m Greek” buttons and tee shirts around other holidays? What’s the story behind Irish kisses?

Every heard the phrase “luck of the Irish“? The phrase is commonly thought to mean “extreme good fortune.” After all, who doesn’t wish they were a little luckier when it comes to money, love, or work? However, according to Edward T. O’Donnell, an Associate Professor of History at Holy Cross College and author of 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Irish American History, the term has not an Irish origin but “a happier, if not Buttons for Foxs Proud to be Irishaltogether positive,” American one.

During the gold and silver rush years in the second half of the 19th century, a number of the most famous and successful miners were of Irish and Irish American birth. . . .Over time this association of the Irish with mining fortunes led to the expression ‘luck of the Irish.’ Of course, it carried with it a certain tone of derision, as if to say, only by sheer luck, as opposed to brains, could these fools succeed.

These “lucky” miners got people everywhere wishing they had a little more Irish luck working in their favor! “Kiss me, I’m Irish” is a spinoff of “luck of the Irish,” were non-Irish folks could steal a little bit of that luck away with a kiss!

Turns out Irish people aren’t the only ones worth kissing is you want a little luck. The Blarney Stone is a block of bluestone built into the battlements of Blarney Castle, Blarney. According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of the gab (aka “blarney.”) Millions of tourists have kissed the stone over the years, hoping to walk away with that Irish gift for gab that seems to bring about such good luck!

Popular Irish band Gaelic Storm wrote a song called Kiss Me I’m Irish;

Kiss me, I’m Irish!
I am the wild rover.
My eyes they are smiling,
And I’m seldom sober.
I like my whiskey,
And I love to dance,
So if you’re feeling as lucky as me, take a chance,
And kiss me, I’m Irish…

Everyone Loves Buttons® has produced plenty of St. Patrick’s Day buttons over the years and we’d love to print yours! Are you a bar hosting a special St. Patrick’s Day event? Or an Irish-American organization marching in your town’s parade this year? Every Loves Buttons can get your custom designed button printed and shipped in a just a few days, just in time for your St. Patrick’s’ Day party!

Get Your Custom Buttons in Time for the Big Game!

Whether you’re a die-hard Broncos fan or part of Seattle’s 12th man fandom, the Big Game is coming up in just a few weeks! Do you have all your team swag ready to go? If you’re a fan or local business owner looking for new ways to support your hometown team as they head off to New Jersey why not design a custom button and literally wear your team loyalty on your sleeve?

Custom Buttons for Diehard Fans

If you are hosting a big party for the Big Game why not impress your friends and family with some custom buttons designed specifically for your event! For instance, a Broncos fan that plans on tailgating all game long could create a custom button that is your personal “tailgate pass” for your friends, family, and guests. The design could be as simply as the Broncos logo with the date, or you could go all out and create a custom design just for your party! It’s a great memento to celebrate your team’s season-long success and commemorate your trip to the Big Game.Get Your Custom Buttons in Time for the Big Game!

Custom Buttons for Local Business Owners

Sports bars in Denver and Seattle are bound to be packed the day of the Big Game. Why not create custom buttons that your patrons can proudly wear and take home with them at the end of the day? This is a great way to both advertise your brand AND connect with local fans. Or, create custom buttons that promote special Big Game drinks or meal specials so fans know your business supports the hometown team with special deals. You could even offer the buttons as part of a larger prize pack that you award at the end of the night to the biggest superfans that came to your bar during the game.

Custom Buttons for Youth Sports Teams

What young football player doesn’t dream of playing in the Big Game one day? If you are the coach of youth football team in Denver or Seattle and plan on having your team over to watch the game why not create custom buttons for each of your players? Maybe you can have the button say “Future Super Bowl Champion” or incorporate your team’s logo with the Seattle Seahawks logo to show your team’s support?

Everyone Loves Buttons has the fastest turnaround time in the button industry! We can produce your buttons as quickly as needed to meet your deadline with our standard 1-3 day turnaround time, so even if you aren’t decided on a final design just yet you still have time to get your final order in to get your buttons in time for the Big Game. With 24 different shapes and sizes to pick from your custom button design will look just the way you want!