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The History of Political Pins and Buttons

Political buttons, or pins, have been used for the larger part of American history to show support for and promote political candidates or other views. Their form has evolved over the years as technology developed. While they originally resembled clothing buttons sewn into jackets, modern versions typically contain photographic images or slogans with a pin built into the back. In a way, these buttons serve a similar purpose to yard signs and bumper stickers that turn up every election year.

The First Political Buttons

Almost every American president had some type of campaign button, or pin, and this tradition started with George Washington. Although presidential candidates did not campaign in the same way they do today, once they were elected their supporters used buttons to celebrate the appointment. Many kinds of brass clothing buttons were made for the inauguration of Washington including some that were engraved with “Long Live the President,” and others that were engraved with just his initials. The buttons sewn into Washington’s jacket featured 13 chain links surrounding the button’s border, which represented the original 13 states.

Buttons as a Political Tool

Andrew Jackson was one of the first people to mass-produce political buttons during his campaign in 1824. He used brass coins to create his buttons and had his image as a military general imprinted on them. He started this as a way to market himself, which is obviously a strategy that continues today.

Buttons were also used to display opinions regarding agendas that were unrelated to presidential elections. During the 1910s buttons were produced with an image of an umbrella and the “Safety First” slogan to show endorsement for banning alcohol in the United States. The prohibition of alcohol was mandated in 1920 and when supporters of the opposing view started wearing slogans such as “We Want Beer.”

The Beginning of the Modern Button

The first photographic images used on campaign pins date back to the mid-nineteenth century. The invention of the tintype and ferrotype enabled the production of small portraits of candidates encircled with metal frames, which supporters could wear as lapel pins. President Abraham Lincoln and his opponents had the first election buttons that were made with tin type or ferrotype photographs.

According to collectors, the first buttons that were similar to the form we see them in today were made during the presidential election of 1896. These buttons were used almost completely for promotional purposes and were made by putting a piece of celluloid protective covering over paper before wrapping it around a section of metal. This technology resulted in the creation of many colorful and artistic pins.

Political Pins Today

Many buttons are still produced today, at an even greater amount than they were in the past, because of less costly production methods and the widespread availability of machines. We are also seeing new forms of political buttons gaining popularity, like the disposable stick-on-badge. These badges can be made more cheaply than buttons and can also be produced in large quantities. Another type of newer campaign button is a web button. These are made by using computer graphics and can be distributed easily with minimal expenditure. Even with these changes, there is nothing quite like wearing your buttons to show your support at an event.

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Our Owner Loves Talking About Custom Buttons

Meet Our Owner who Loves Talking About Custom Buttons


At Everyone Loves Buttons® a WBENC nationally certified women business enterprise. Maura is our company team leader, she takes pride in making sure our customer service and  all our products that leave our custom buttons manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ are not ONLY up to her standards but YOURS.  Maura is always available to talk to you about your custom button needs or upcoming projects.  Everyone Loves Buttons Inc. ® is her baby and she takes great pride in all aspects of her business.


Meet Our Owner who Loves Talking About Custom Buttons

We are hard at work making pinback buttons!

We are hard at work making pinback buttons!

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Our Customer Service Buttons Philosophy

Our Customer Service Buttons Philosophy

Customers want to feel special and taken care of. In an impersonal world of purchasing anonymously over the internet, customers and prospects often seek affirmation and assurance in the course of creating/developing their own artwork and ordering buttons. Often times our customers have personally developed a special program or promotion. In this way, they have a vested interest in the custom product and want to feel connected and directly involved during the entire ordering process.

It is our philosophy to immediately make the customer or prospect feel comfortable with our company. We have a very short window to accomplish this over the phone when we answer customers’ calls or during email communications. Buttons are often purchased at the last minute (almost as an afterthought) before an event or program launch.  Our company is perfectly positioned for the typical button buyer who cannot wait the standard one to two weeks timeframe before the product ships (never mind the transit time). Our extremely quick ordering/proofing/production process expedites their order seamlessly.  If we don’t immediately establish a connection with the customer from the beginning, we run the risk of losing prospective clients forever.  Remember the old adage, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is very true even in the button industry.

Promotional buttons are a very inexpensive premium that has served many companies well due to their simplicity and effectiveness.  They are also often referred to “as walking billboards”.