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Everyone Really Does Love Buttons

Jennifer Aniston’s character in Office Space may have been less than thrilled with her pieces of flair, but for comedy movie classics aside, most people really do love buttons! Investing in a short-run production of buttons for your organization or your upcoming event is a great way to provide a touch-point with potential customers that follows them wherever they go. Buttons act as mini walking billboards and are a fantastic way to attract people’s attention while still working within you budget. For instance, at a local library’s book sale the Friends of the Library might have buttons set out at the checkout table that are free to patrons. As Promo_236people pay for their books they grab a button or two and pin them on coat collars, backpacks, purse straps, and more. These buttons are seen throughout town, reminding people to come back to the library, donate books for the next book sale, or maybe even finally pay that overdue book fine! Those buttons are a simple and small way to keep the library close to the hearts and minds of their patrons. Buttons are also a great way for local businesses to promote new products and services. Instead of completely redesigning their menu and menu board every time they have a seasonal special (like a Thanksgiving sandwich with stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce), a local eatery can create buttons for their employees to wear for as long as the sandwich is available. New buttons can be created each season for the new specials to keep things fresh. A politician could also use campaign buttons to help introduce themselves to voters in their community. The button should obviously feature their name, but it could be big enough to add a photo of the candidate, or even a slogan. President Obama’s campaign buttons featured his now iconic campaign logo. Campaign buttons have been used since the very beginning of American politics, dating all the way back President George Washington. In the late 18th and first half of the 19th century they were typically sewn-on clothing buttons, but now most campaign buttons are made of metal and can be pinned onto clothes. Buttons are also great add-ons for companies that are attending events where there is going to be a lot of competition. For instance, at a big event like the Boston Wine Festival, there are dozens of vineyards vying for attention. Buttons with the vineyard name or a fun slogan are a great little giveaway that attendees can pin on their event lanyard, turning them into walking advertisements as they move through the rest of the event. Other attendees will notice the buttons because they are different, and people will be on the hunt to get a button of their own. Buttons are incredibly versatile because they can be custom-designed to be almost any size, multiple shapes, multi-colored, feature logos, images, text and more. Whether you are promoting an event, a new product, your political prowess, or just trying to build buzz around your company buttons are a great way to go! Why? Because Everyone Loves Buttons!