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Everyone Loves Buttons in Action – Campaign Buttons

Everyone Loves Buttons has created dozens, if not hundreds, of political campaign buttons for candidates on both side of the political aisles. Right now the gubernatorial race in Arizona is heating up and just the other night our CEO Maura Statman and her daughter brought campaign buttons to an event for Arizona’s gubernatorial and congressional candidates. Maura’s daughter had the chance to take a photo with gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey, wearing his new custom political campaign button! The meet-and-greet featured several other Congressional candidates including: Congressional Candidate Andy Tobin, District 1 Congressional Candidate Col. Martha McSally, District 2 Congressional Candidate Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers, District 9 As woman-owned business, it was especially inspiring to meet Col. McSally and Lt. Col. Rogers. Col. Martha McSally was the first woman in U.S. history to command a Fighter Squadron in combat, earning the Bronze Star and 6 air medals for her combat leadership and 325 combat hours in the single-seat A-10 Warthog. Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers is one of the first 100 women pilots in the U.S. Air Force. Regardless of what political party you belong to, campaign buttons have been used for the larger part of American history to show support for and promote political candidates or other views. Andrew Jackson was one of the first people to mass-produce political buttons during his presidential campaign in 1824. President Abraham Lincoln and his opponents had the first election buttons that were made with tin type or ferrotype photographs. The first mass production of metal buttons, the design we are familiar with today for most campaigns, happened during the 1896 William McKinley campaign for president.