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It really is Hip to Be Square when using Square Buttons

The circle may be mankind’s greatest invention, but we think the square is pretty darn useful to! After all, buildings are usually square (or square-ish). Gorgeous works of art are painted on square canvases. The “It’s Hip to Be a Square Button. Show off with cool shapes and sizes of Custom best birthday presents come in square boxes and more! Squares show up even when least expected; we often see square pan pizza and even square hamburger buns! Everyone Loves Buttons has plenty of circular buttons of all sizes for sale, but even we love getting in the square game from time to time for our customers! Square buttons are often considered more “elegant” and extra special simply because they are less common. Imagine if you saw a triangular house; it would catch your attention right? Square buttons work the same way. We are so used to seeing circles that a square really draws the eye. If you want to make your custom button stand right from the get-go a square shape might be just the thing! For instance, our performing arts community customers often purchase square buttons to help promote their dance concert, program, show and so forth. The square is different and special, must like their organization! Even a cosmetic company has used our square buttons before to promote their new products, as does a major drugstore chain to advertise getting an annual flu shot. Square buttons are great for brands that have square logos they don’t want to shrink down to fit on a circular button, or those that are trying to squeeze a little extra text into their button design. Since square buttons have more surface area, you have a little more freedom with your design. Although they are a little more expensive to purchase, square buttons (which could also be rotated into a diamond shape!) are a creative way to advertise your business or event and really capture people’s attention.