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6 Places To Hand Out Your Custom Buttons

Congratulations! Your first order of custom buttons are in and you’re ready to use them to help promote your brand and connect with customers. But where exactly should you be handing out those buttons? How can you ensure they are getting into the hands of your customers and target audience?

Here are 6 places you can hand out your custom buttons (the “walking billboards”) and start spreading the word about your business!

1. Community field days.

Depending on who your target audience is, community field days (like the town’s Little League World Series) are a great place to pass out your custom buttons. Think about it–there are tons of parents, grandparents, friends, kids, and community leaders at events like this. If your business relies on local foot traffic what better place is there to promote some goodwill within the community and get the word out about your company? 6 Places To Hand Out Your Custom ButtonsMaybe you can even set up a booth and pass out other promotional items like t-shirts, coupons, and more. You might also connect with other business owners for even bigger and better partnership opportunities.

2. Parades

Although buttons might not be the best thing to throw into a crowd (sharp points after all), as you are walking with a parade buttons are great items to hand out to people on the side of the road! There could be thousands of people at a parade watching your float go by, and the buttons are a great handout for people to take home.

3. Festivals

Music or art festivals, craft fairs, flea markets–all of these events draw big crowds. Why not have a big box full of buttons for people to take with them? As they walk around other people are going to see those buttons and ask where they got them, driving more people back to your tent/booth!

4. Tradeshows

Tradeshows are chock-full of potential customers and business partners, making them the perfect place to promote your business with custom buttons. A 2003 study by Georgia Southern University, and published by the Promotional Products Association International, looked at the effect that promotional products and giveaways had on tradeshow attendees. 71.6% of attendees who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product.

5. The check-out counter

Everyone Loves Buttons creates 1? buttons for Pizzeria Bianco, voted one of the best pizza places in America, that the staff hands out as mementos to happy patrons. The check-out counter is a great place to keep a glass jar full of custom buttons for your guests to grab on their way out the door. It’s a good memento of their experience with your business and great advertising for your brand!

6. With purchases

Why not throw a button in your customer’s bag as they check out? Maybe it’ll remind them to come back on another day, especially if they can redeem the button as if it was a coupon. For instance, your custom button design could promote an upcoming sale (and the button is worth 10% extra off!) Your best customers are repeat customers, and a button is a great way to create another point of contact with your existing customer base.