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Everyone Loves Buttons Customer Spotlight – GM

Custom Buttons has made hundreds of thousands of buttons over the years for hundreds of clients, big and small. We’ve worked with restaurants, sports organization, non-profit and charity groups, marketing agencies and more. Some clients need a couple hundred buttons to meet their needs, while others needed a couple thousand! Every custom button job, big or small (and even rush order), is important to us at Custom Buttons, but one of the biggest and coolest jobs we ever had meant creating 10s of thousands of buttons for GM for the Detroit Auto Show. Here is the story of 10,000 buttons right from our CEO Maura Statman, One of our clients is the advertising agency for GM. Two years ago I was invited to participate in a special project that took place at the North American international auto show (NAIAS) in January 2012. This annual show in Detroit, MI kicks off the auto industry’s newest models. I was invited to  train hired staff (from the local talent and modeling agency) who were to make buttons during the show.  There were preprinted graphic inserts that show attendees decorated themselves  and then the button staff assembled the buttons right there and then. GM had a button booth constructed, which at the time was part of the rollout of the Chevy Sonic car targeted to the 20-something driver. The button booth was transported to the various US  and international auto shows throughout that year. Not only did our company make tens of thousands of pre-made buttons for the show in various designs, but we also supplied all of the button parts and machines as well. The button booth concept and the “make your own button” activity was a huge success and is still being used in 2014. Event and promotional buttons are a great way to promote your company, your brand, and your products. And while you may not have the marketing budget to order 10s of thousands of buttons and create a whole button booth for your next event, even a few hundred custom designed buttons can go a long way!