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Frequently Asked Questions Series – Part 1: Our Products

FAQ Part 1


When it comes to buttons, you may have a few questions. These questions and answers can also be found on our FAQ page on the Everyone Loves Buttons Website. This FAQ series will hopefully answer any questions you have, and if not feel free to give us a call at (623)-445-9975 or send us an email to / Part 1 is a few questions you may have about our products.

What do the backs of the buttons look like?

We have created a page that shows off the different sizes of custom buttons, with their optional backs. Our standard backs are pin backs that have a clip that opens like a safety pin that allows you to pin the button onto the surface you wish to pin it on. For an additional fee, we also offer clothing magnets (round and bars depending on the size of the buttons), refrigerator flat back magnets, mirror backs (2.25” round only), and bulldog clips.  If you click here you will find pictures of button back options.

Do you offer samples?

Yes! We offer free samples (however they are not custom) of any size buttons you would like. Feel free to give us a call (623-445-9975) to discuss your project and what samples you are looking for. We will take down your shipping address and send out the samples to you.

How can you sell such high quality buttons at affordable pricing?

We buy all of our inventory in bulk and have great relationships with all of our vendors. We offer the highest quality buttons in the industry. We print all of our promotional products on state of the art digital presses that offer the highest quality, clarity, color, and contrast. All of our parts are 100% USA made, as is our labor! Our buttons are manufactured in a sweatshop free environment. We are widely considered as the largest promotional button company in the United States, and one of the top in the world. When you choose Everyone Loves Buttons Inc., you not only get the best pricing, but also the best quality and service money can buy.

What is the difference between a clothing magnet and a fridge magnet?

Easy. Clothing magnets are made with 2-piece magnets used for attaching the buttons to your clothes without poking holes caused by standard pin-back buttons. Depending on the size, the clothing magnets will come as a bar magnet or an extra strength round magnet. The fridge magnets are flat back magnets with a magnetic back that is made for sticking to metallic surfaces such as a fridge.

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