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4 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Buttons

Buttons; they can be used in political campaigns, to publish snarky comments that teens love to decorate their backpacks with, to promote special events or deals, as handouts and giveaways at events, and more. The bottom line is buttons are as useful as you need them to be!

1. Customizable.

Not only can you customize your button design, you can also customize your button size! Little buttons, like 1 1/4″ round buttons, are the perfect novelty size button and often sold in retail stores with “smart” slogans that people use to decorate their backpacks. Meanwhile, 6″ round buttons, which are very difficult to wear, are often used by clowns and mascots. Since buttons are so customizable they can be designed to look and feel in any way that’s perfect for you and your brand!

2. Durable.

Unlike paper signs or coupons, buttons are so much more durable, making them great at tradeshows, as wearable marketing materials for your employees, or for any other high-traffic event. Buttons aren’t going to rip, crumble, shrink, bleed, or fade. Since they are so durable you can use and re-use the same batch of buttons time and time again, helping stretch a small budget even farther.

3. Walking billboards.

Promotional custom buttons are also known as walking billboards because once they are pinned to shirt label or bag they can travel anywhere! A colorful button design with catchy slogan is a great way to capture people’s attention and spread awareness about your brand. If your business relies heavily on local foot traffic to keep your doors open, handing out buttons to your customers can help create some buzz within your community and drive new patrons to your store. The more buttons you have out in the community the more times a new customer might see it, helping reinforce your brand name in their memory. For instance, Everyone Loves Buttons creates 1? buttons for Pizzeria Bianco that the staff hands out as mementos to happy patrons.

4. Great giveaways.

Custom buttons are a great handout at tradeshows because as attendees move around the tradeshow floor your company is being advertised where ever they go! People might seek your booth out specifically simply because they too want a button! Unlike the hundreds of flyers conference attendees might receive, a button can be easily pinned to their jacket or conference lanyard. Buttons are great giveaways at any event, not just tradeshows. For instance, for the second year Everyone Loves Buttons is creating custom buttons for OP3 and their many Avon Walks. The cancer survivors at each event will receive a button with a number on it corresponding to the number of years they have survived cancer, celebrating the lives they have lived since beating cancer.