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Three Times to Invest in a Custom Button Machine

While we at Everyone Loves Buttons™ are proud to handle any custom button design order you may need and take pride in the fastest turnaround in the industry, we know that some businesses wish they had a little more control over the button production process and keep it all in-house. For businesses like that, Everyone Loves Buttons™ recommends that you invest in a custom button printing machine to manually print your buttons.

Here are three times it’s worth investing in your own custom button machine:

Your place of business promotes a lot of different things.

Let’s say you owned a restaurant and wanted to have all your servers rocking lots of “pieces of flair.” Instead of ordering dozens of different button designs for every special, event, or deal you want to promote why not just Three Times to Invest in a Custom Button Machineget a custom button printing machine and print your own buttons as you need? That way you can print as many buttons as you need for each design, without having to stockpile old orders and hope you can use them again. You can also encourage your employees to submit their own designs for printing, getting them involved in the process and invested in your business.

Or say you ran a nightclub or music venue. You might have 7 or 8 different bands performing in any given week. Why not give your performers the added bonus of custom buttons for their shows that they can hand out to their fans. They get a little freebie to hand out, and you get to market your venue to all your patrons and their friends. Since bands only perform for one night you can easily crank out a hundred buttons for the band at a moment’s notice, without having to order from an outside supplier in advance.

You are attending multiple trade shows this year.

At the Detroit Auto Show a few years ago, Everyone Loves Buttons® CEO Maura Statman helped organize a custom button printing booth, where show attendees could design their own buttons. Everyone Loves Buttons® provided different sized and shaped buttons, various design templates, and even the button printing machines needed to crank out thousands of buttons right there on the showroom floor. It was a wildly popular booth at the show! Once a few attendees printed their custom buttons other guests began asking where they too could get a button and the button craze was off!

If you are going to be attending multiple tradeshows this year a custom button machine might be a better investment in the long-run because it adds a layer of interactivity to your booth that can help your brand really stand out and drive foot traffic back to your booth. You can have multiple design options ready to go, letting attendees choose and print their designs.

You Want More Than Buttons

Not only can you easily create custom buttons with your own button printing machine, you can make magnets, keychains, and bull dog clips simply by assembling a button without a pin and adding the necessary accessories. Along with the standard buttons these machines can also produce collet back buttons, prong back buttons, and new mirror back buttons. If you want to be able to produce multiple items, and not just buttons, a custom button printing machine makes it easy to make as many as you need the moment you need them.

It should be noted that the printed material (your design) is done on a separate digital press or other type of printer. The actual button is assembled utilizing the 3 components (shell, pinback and mylar) along with the printed graphic which is die cut before the assembly on the machine occurs.