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Company Spotlight – Quality Control

As the President of Everyone Loves Buttons, I attribute a big part of our 18 years of success to our exceptional quality control procedures that we have built into our entire production process. From the initial proofing stage that the art department is involved with to the printing, die cutting, button assembly, packing and shipping. Each phase requires careful examination and extreme attention to detail. It is truly the details that count. You can rest easy that your promotional button projects are in good hands and that is why our customers count on us to get it right EVERY time.

Even in the midst of a chaotic 16 hour day at Everyone Loves Buttons, it is important to periodically slow down and look carefully at the printed graphics. Whether you are a designer or button machine operator, quality control is of upmost importance and is EVERYONE’S responsibility. This is also especially crucial for the 1” or 7/8” button designs that are more difficult to see.

Although the die cutting process is a fairly precise process, pages of graphics may shift slightly during cutting. We utilize only the “good” graphics that will make your project look great, discarding the rest during the die cutting or assembly phase.

Packaging and shipping is another area where attention to detail matters. No one wants to receive damaged product, of course. We adhere to UPS packaging guidelines when it comes to preparing a shipment. We choose the right size box and fill with packing paper if necessary so that the contents don’t rattle around. We prefer to use 2 ml bags that line the inside of a box and use cable ties with larger, heavier contents. Strapping tape is also utilized in the case of heavy, longer boxes. It is also a good idea to keep in mind where a package is shipping to. It might be a good idea when shipping to a high rise building in New York to ship in several boxes that are easier to maneuver than one larger, heavier box. We may reuse our boxes but only the ones in mint condition since we want to make a good impression from the minute you order from us to when the product show up at your doorstep.

In summary, you have a greater understanding about our quality control procedures that   were involved in production of our buttons. Whether you are ordering for events or promos, political campaigns, schools and colleges. arts and organizations or religious or church functions. Everyone Loves Buttons

We are in this business because Everyone Loves Buttons ®