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Let Your Button Colors Do the Talking

In today’s day and age let your button colors do the talking

  The effect colors have on a person can be deeply personal, but many colors are commonly associated with common thoughts, feelings, and ideas. In a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone (depending on the product). Certain colors mean things to most people; the way pink often signifies girls and blue typically signifies boys. It’s not that these “color rules” are hard and fast and the same for everyone, but it’s certainly worth thinking about when designing your custom button! The colors you choose can either work for or against your message.


Cool blue is often perceived as trustworthy, dependable, fiscally responsible, and secure, making it a favorite color for financial institutions to use in their branding and marketing materials. Blue also invokes feelings of serenity, calmness, and stability. If that is the kind of attitude you want your custom button to convey than maybe your design should rely heavily on shades of blue!


For better or worse, red invokes a strong emotional response. It can be seen as aggressive, energetic, or provocative, depending on the shade. Red designs certainly get a lot of attention, so if you want to stand out amongst a crowd a red button might be the best way to go! But red designs can also pull negative attention, as red is often used to represent danger.


Green is often used to signify healthy, clean, and eco-friendly. That’s why a lot of wildlife or environmental agencies choose shades of green for their branding designs. Lighter shades of green are often considered “calming” colors and are supposedly gender neutral.


Cheerful orange evokes exuberance, fun and vitality. It’s a bright color, so any design with a lot of orange in it is sure to stand out. Be careful that any orange button doesn’t also have a lot of black in it, which can make people think of Halloween!


Purple is supposedly perfect for creative types! But it’s also used by many brands that want a soothing color but are also appealing to an upscale audience. Here is a great graphic with a ton of brand’s logos broken down by color. What do these brands make you think/feel? Does the color influence your opinion in any way? Designing a custom button can be so much more fun than just stretching your logo to fit the button size! Why not play around with different fonts, colors, slogans and more to see what really works and helps get your message across.