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Celebrate Your Business’s Success with Buttons!

The oldest bar in America is the Old ’76 House (sometimes just ’76 House) and was built in 1686 by the Dutch Immigrants who founded Tappan, New York, making it 328 years old! Now that’s what we call a successful business. Most small businesses, and even giant corporations, won’t make it to their 328th anniversary. In fact, according to the SBA (Small Business Association) over 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years…a fry cry from the Old ’76 House. But if your business has made it passed that statistic then it’s definitely time to celebrate! Why not announce your success with some custom buttons! If you are a restaurant that has been around for 100+ years, like Aunt Chilada’s here in Phoenix, your local community can’t imagine (and certainly no one can remember!) a time without you. For your next anniversary, even if it’s only 10 years and not 100, why not throw a big party for yourselves?! Custom buttons can be designed to celebrate your anniversary and feature your logo, slogan, or a Happy Birthday message to yourself. Your servers can wear these buttons in the weeks leading up to your special event to let your customers know that an awesome party is coming! You can also create a few button designs that feature special drink or meal specials for your anniversary event. At the event itself you can also hand out another button design to all your patrons that come, as a small way to thank them for their continued support. If your town holds a 4th of July Parade or some sort of community festival and your business is looking to enter a float, why not throw out custom buttons celebrating your best years in business (alongside the usual candy of course!). These buttons could even be used as coupons by your customers if you added a promotional deal to them, such as 20% off their next meal. This way you guarantee your future patrons will hold onto those buttons and you’ll drive some extra foot traffic through your doors. Best of all, when they turn in their buttons to get their deal you can keep them (provided they are in good shape still) and use them at another local event! Buttons are much more durable than slips of paper and can be used time and time again. The great thing about custom buttons is that they come in all shapes and sizes so you don’t have to compromise on your “perfect design.” You can easily create multiple buttons in various sizes with different designs so you always have the right button on hand for any occasion. Since buttons can’t go bad you can store them for as long as you need and reuse them over the years (for things like seasonal specials) And since they are much more cost effective than t-shirts, you can afford to go a little crazy with your design choices.