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Customer Spotlight: Ame Dyckman, Children’s Book Author

Everyone Loves Buttons is happy to be a part of the increasing success of children’s book author, Ame Dyckman. Just as everyone loves buttons, everyone also loves a good story, and who better to tell one than the upbeat, outgoing and colorful character that is Ame.


From her vibrant hair color to her big-eared cat, Dyckman is quite the follow on Twitter as she spreads the word about her books and gives you a glimpse inside the adventure that is her life.



Dyckman authored the New York Times BestsellerWolfie the Bunny.” Along with illustrator Zachariah OHora, Ame gives us a fun and fresh perspective on some very real life scenarios including adoption, stereotypes and sibling rivalry. This book is perfect for children and parents alike, and it displays a great message…that despite our differences, we are all one in the same.

“Wolfie the Bunny” racked up plenty of accolades including:

  • Parents Magazine Best Fictional Picture Book 2015
  • The Huffington Post Best Picture Books 2015
  • ASLC Notable Book for Children
  • School Library Journal Best of the Year
  • NYPL 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing
  • Wilde Award Best Picture Books Ages 4-8
  • A Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of 2016




Dyckman and OHora followed up with “Horrible BEAR!” This book is a terrific display of friendship, something that will often test your patience, but through understanding and forgiveness, can be the most rewarding battle of your life.

The New York Times had some wonderful things to say about Dyckman and OHora’s follow up to “Wolfie the Bunny”:

“As fun as a theme park ride… Dyckman and OHora specialize in full-spectrum emotion and offbeat charm.”




Ame’s latest book entitled “You DON’T Want a UNICORN!” is set to release on Valentine’s Day 2017. This time, she teamed up with the hilarious Liz Climo to inform all the younglings to be careful what you wish for. Unicorns may look pretty and majestic, but they are a whole lot to handle as a pet in this sure-to-be new hit.


We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with Ame as she continues to produce tremendous stories for the youth of America. Everyone Loves Buttons is proud to support such a wonderful cause… child literacy and imagination!

If you are interested in purchasing buttons of your own, check out our website at!

Customer Spotlight: MTSU Alumni Association

Murfreesboro, a small city 40 miles southeast of Nashville, is home to the second largest university in Tennessee. Middle Tennessee State University was established in 1911 and has become one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the southeast.

We wanted to shed some light on one our many valued customers, the MTSU Alumni Association. This organization has been doing some terrific things to connect the university’s rich history of alumni with its current crop of young college students.

The MTSU Alumni Association holds a number of events for Blue Raiders of all ages to attend. Some of these events include their alumni summer colleges and spring weekends, where alumni can attend workshop activities to further their education in a fun and friendly environment. There are also watching events hosted by the Alumni Association for MTSU sporting events.

MTSU Alumni

There is also a Young Alumni Group comprised of former Blue Raiders ages 35 or younger. Their goal is to help the new age of MTSU graduates find careers, connect with other alumni and become an important part of the MTSU community.

MTSU Alumni

Feel free to visit the Middle Tennessee State Alumni website to find out how you can become a part of the Blue Raider family. While you’re there, check out the many services they provide including career services, finding fellow classmates and opportunities to donate to the university itself.

MTSU Alumni

You can also order MTSU gear and commencement DVDs, get a replacement diploma, look through their virtual yearbooks, check out all the alumni discounts that are available and much more.

MTSU Alumni

You can find them on Twitter at @MTAlumni and Facebook at @mtsualumni.


For all alumni and parents of alumni, you can snap a picture of yourself wearing your MTSU button and tweet it at @LuvMyButtons with #LuvMyButtons for a discount on your next button order.

Customer Spotlight: UCONN’s Junior Husky Club

The University of Connecticut Athletics Program prides itself on getting children involved with their community through sports. Today’s customer spotlight will celebrate the Junior Husky Club.

The Junior Husky Club is an organization for children 13 or younger to enhance their sports experience at the University of Connecticut. Junior Huskies receive all sorts of UCONN gear including t-shirts, lanyards, buttons and much more. The best part about becoming a member is that all Junior Huskies receive free regular-season admission to home games for sports like women’s soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball and more. They will also receive discounted admission to football, men’s and women’s basketball and more.

UCONN athletics also holds special events for the club such as post game shoot-arounds with the basketball team and their “Bring Your ‘A’ Game” promotion, where any kid who received an A on a quiz, test or paper could bring it in and receive free admission to watch the now 4-time defending National Champion women’s basketball team.

Everyone Loves Buttons is proud to be a part of such an incredible community outreach program. Our buttons will be worn by all the Junior Huskies aspiring to become the future athletes of America.

Junior Husky Club Button

So to all the parents of the Junior Huskies sporting their UCONN gear proudly, snap a photo of your kid wearing their official member button and tweet it to @LuvMyButtons with #LuvMyButtons to show your Husky pride today.

Customer Spotlight: Russell Atkinson

This week, we focus on one of our longtime customers at Everyone Loves Buttons. He is a distinguished author and photographer, who took up a new cause in the early 2000’s… to help create a safer environment for the thousands of people who attend Burning Man.

Burning Man is an event that occurs once a year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The cultural phenomenon was started in San Francisco in 1986 as a means to celebrate community, art and self-expression before being moved to Nevada in 1990. Since then, it has expanded into a city of its own known as Black Rock City for the crazed fans that have come to be known as “burners.”

Russell Atkinson, aka Dr. Placebo by fellow “burners,” has attended the event since 1999. A few years later, Atkinson took it upon himself to help found the Bureau of Erotic Discourse, a team of volunteers that provides information and education about the importance of sexual consent at Burning Man in hopes to help create an overall safer environment for everyone at the event.

Got Consent?

The B.E.D. has since extended its outreach beyond the annual event in Black Rock City. The group has used workshops, forums, posters, public service announcements and of course, buttons to help spread their message.

We are proud to help support such an important cause by providing Russell and his team with buttons to continue spreading the word about the importance of consent at Burning Man and elsewhere across the country.

The annual event starts on August 28, 2016 and runs through September 5, 2016. For all the “burners” who will be in attendance; don’t forget to grab a button, wear it proud and support the B.E.D.’s cause to stop sexual misconduct.

Customer Spotlight –

Customer SpotlightKeith Shirey

Here at Everyone Loves Buttons, we don’t just make buttons. We also are able to help you order screen printed shirts, mugs, stickers, banners, pens. You name it and we can help you get it. This week’s customer spotlight is on a customer of ours, Keith Shirey and his

A little background on Keith, he has been a progressive democrat for his entire life and is currently supporting the latest democratic party candidates. His website and sales are dedicated to his grandson Jake, and his adventures in becoming a zoologist specializing in herpetology (which is the study of reptiles and amphibians). Keith has marched and spoken against the Vietnam War; debated for the California Democratic State Central Committee; he was a Congressional Candidate; and other great accomplishments.

The Democratic Party Store began in 2000, and is well known for selling Union Made in the USA merchandise only to Democrats and progressive causes. Like us, they pride themselves on having excellent products and even better customer service.

The store has a wide variety of items to choose from, from apparel, to bags, to calendars and bumper stickers. It is your one stop shop for all of your Union made and Made in USA products. Also from his website you can upload your own artwork and manage previous logos or artwork that you have used before. They even have a blog on different ideas from promoting your small business to taking the union pledge.

We have been working with Keith Shirey for several years, and have helped him with his online web store and orders. It is a great store that showcases the different items you can find at Everyone Loves Buttons.

While we don’t have these items on our website, if you are looking for something in particular, give us a call and we’ll see how we can help you!

Girl Scouts – No Prob-Llama

girl scouts CS

When you think of Girl Scouts, you might think of beige and green uniforms, Girl Scout Cookies, and little girls earning their badges. However the Girl Scouts are more than just that…

In 1912, founder Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low set out to create an organization that would prepare young girls for the world using three C pillars: Courage, Confidence, and Character. Today the Girl Scouts Missions Statement reads: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. It took Juliette and 18 other girls in Savannah, Georgia to create the Girl Scout movement that is thriving today. Over 90 countries and more than 59 million alumnae have come together to share adventures and make the world a better place with the nearly 3 million current Girl Scout members.


Did you know that celebrities like Taylor Swift, Abigail Breslin, Dakota Fanning, and Carrie Fisher, were once Girl Scouts themselves? Also 15 of the 20 women in the US Senate are Girl Scout alumnae.

With great leadership and role models, the Girl Scouts are able to help girls develop their full potential through a wide variety of experiences, which include field trips, community service projects, cultural exchanges, and environmental stewardships.

One way that the Girl Scouts are able to develop their full potential is through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. This cookie program is the largest girl-led business in the world. An estimated 200 million boxes of cookies are sold each year, which equates to nearly $800 million worth of cookies. Girl Scouts believes that by having their girls sell cookies, the girls are learning life skills and confidence. The girls learn about goal setting, money management, people skills, and business ethics, which are all essential skills to learn to be a successful leader in life. The most popular cookie sold each year are the Thin Mints, followed closely by Samoas/Caramel Delights and Tagalong/Peanut Butter Patties.

By being a Girl Scout, not only will you have new experiences, you will get to see how amazing the world around you is and just how awesome you, the girls, and women around you truly are.

Here are Everyone Loves Buttons, we understand what it takes to be a success Women Owned Business and we love seeing the Girl Scout buttons that come through here each year. This year we received an order of buttons from the Girl Scouts of Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont that are positively adorable. Getting Girl Scout cookies from them will be No Prob-llama! #LuvMyButtons

girl scouts cookie photo

May is Melanoma Month

Melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer and 1 in 50 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma in their lifetime. It is estimated that 137,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma just this year, that the same as the population of Pasadena, CA! While this type of skin cancer can be deadly, it can also be treated if it is caught early before it metastasizes or spreads. (Melanoma Research Foundation, 2016)

Doctors urge people to constantly perform a self-skin exam so you know what you look like and what normal is on your body. It’s typically the patients that are the ones who spot melanoma because they are familiar with their own skin. (Melanoma Research Foundation, 2016)

So what is melanoma? It is a form of cancer that begins in the melanocytes; these are cells that give you your skin color, hair color, and eye color by producing melanin pigmentations. These cells are also responsible for forming moles where most melanoma are often found. There are three subcategories of melanoma: cutaneous melanoma, mucosal melanoma, and ocular melanoma. Cutaneous melanoma is what most people refer to when they say skin cancer. Mucosal melanoma occurs in the mucous membranes of the body. Finally Ocular melanoma is a rare form of cancer that occurs in the eye. (Melanoma Research Foundation, 2016)

Unlike the other cancers, melanoma is typically found on the skin, which makes the detection of it easier in its early stages. However when it goes undetected, melanoma can spread to your organs and becomes metastatic. Stage IV melanoma is very difficult to treat and most commonly spreads to the brain, bones, lungs, and liver making the prognosis very poor. (Melanoma Research Foundation, 2016)

How can you prevent melanoma? Melanoma is most commonly linked to UV (ultraviolet exposure whether it is from natural sunlight and artificial sources like tanning beds. By using suncreens that provide a broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays with at least an SPF of 30 can help if you’re going to be out in the sun. It’s important that you wear protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, hats, and sunglasses. Also be aware that severe sunburns, especially during ones childhood can increase the risk of developing melanomas. (Melanoma Research Foundation, 2016)

Our customers at North Atlanta Dermatology are raising awareness for Melanoma Month this May with their buttons reminding their customers to get a full body exam. Melanoma is no joke, and as the Melanoma Research Foundation would say #GetNaked.

From all of us at Everyone Loves Buttons, #LuvMyButtons and stay healthy!

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melanoma button 2

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Jonathan’s Walk – The Friendship Circle

This past Saturday, over 800 people participated in the 2016 Jonathan’s Walk4Friendship in Scottsdale, AZ. It begins with an opening ceremony and a mile walk that raises funds and community awareness for The Friendship Circle – an organization for individuals with special needs. After the reaching the finish line, walkers and their families can enjoy entertainment, activities, food and much more! Jonathan’s Walk4Friendship is dedicated to Jonathan, a participant in the Friends at Home program. He and his buddy Adam spent countless hours together building a friendship and even their families also became fast friends. In 2010, Jonathan passed away after a short battle with cancer, and it is in his memory that The Friendship Circle has dedicated this walk to. This year the walk has raised a little over $60,000 which is the most they have ever raised at Jonathan’s Walk.

The Friendship Circle of Greater Phoenix was founded in 2005, with the aspirations to extend a helping hand to adults with special needs as well as families who have children with special needs. Their philosophy is that every child is an entire world worthy of love, laughter, nurturing, and connection. In addition to helping those in need, The Friendship Circle has a network of volunteers, the majority being teenagers who are able to reap the rewards of giving themselves. These teenagers are paired with a buddy for weekly home visits with the children. This extends to a full range of activities hosted by The Friendship Circle that include: Sunday Circle, Teen Scene, Art Projects, Community Shabbat Dinners, Sports Circle, life skills, and other activities that cater to the needs of the children, adults, and their families. This program also instills the values of giving and gratitude in the volunteers that help out.

Jonathan’s Walk has many corporate sponsors, and we are proud to say that we are one of them. Everyone Loves Buttons has been working with The Friendship Circle on Jonathan’s Walk since 2012. Each year we help design the t-shirts for the event.

Check out Jonathan’s Walk4Friendship at and The Friendship Circle of Greater Phoenix at for more information.



Newbury Comics is a unique franchise that began in 1978, specializing in music, movies, and pop culture goods. Based out of Massachusetts they have expanded to 26 locations. Their legacy consists of scouring the globe for interesting and thought provoking merchandise, supporting independent artists and cultural visionaries, exceptional customer service, and making sure that their customers trust and respect the quality of the goods and services provided. Through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they connect with their customers in a distinctive way. They are able to show off new merchandise, advertise new sales, and sent out reminders for upcoming events. One way that really gets their customers together is their scavenger hunt. Newbury Comics releases the hunts via social media and off their customers go in search of ways to fulfill the requests. Hilarity insures from best birthday cakes, to finding people in cosplay costumes, to gathering people with the Newbury Comics logo shirts. The winners of the scavenger hunt win gift cards and even a trophy with the famous Toothface icon on top. One thing’s for sure, their customers have a lot of fun in their friendly and hip environment whether it’s in store, online, or on social media. If you’re in the Boston area July 31, August 1 & 2, stop by and say hello to Newbury Comics as they team up with Boston Comic Con located at the Seaport World Trade Center. They are also helping host the third annual pre-convention Comic Con Parade & Costume Contest on July 22nd. Prizes for the top three adult contestants and for the top three children contestants will be awarded. The parade and costume contest is free and open to the public but space is limited. During the convention Newbury Comics will be giving out free promotional items so stop by and visit their booth! We’ve been partnered with Newbury Comics since 2006, and they are nothing but awesome! This time around we made their iconic Toothface logo on white and black 1″ custom pin buttons. So keep a look out for these cool 1″ custom buttons and keep rocking out with Newbury Comics.

Customer Spotlight SuZn Totes, Bags & Zipper Pulls

Customer Spotlight SuZn Totes and Bags

One of our customers sent some great pictures of how they use our zipper pulls. Their company is SuznBags which specializes in handcrafted, custom tote bags. They have both stock tote designs for sale or even custom bags available.

The bags are made of one or two coordinating fabrics on the outside, consisting of 100% cotton as well as rayon and polyester. This year the owner started using Vinyl on the bottom of the bag since it can be easily wiped clean. The lining is cotton duck cloth.

There are both open and closed tote bags available, perfect for grocery shopping, etc. and some of these even have a top-mounted closure flap. Zippered tote bags can offer extra security.

So if you are in the market for something with more of a handmade look, consider looking at SuZn Bags.