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 Look out for the Flu Shot Pinback Buttons at stores near you!


ELB recognizes the onset of flu season from the customized flu shot button orders we get in from the health care industry. The season begins in October and officially ends in May. Therefore, hospitals, drug stores and other health care organizations take the opportunity to market the availability of flu shots. Today we have easy access to flu vaccines from virtually nearly every drug store and even Wal-mart as the “retail” health care market emerges.

Although the CDC recommends annual flu shots to Americans, there has been major controversy about the effectiveness of receiving these shots even within the medical community. Some say they may hurt us more than help us in the long run and perhaps weaken the immune system. Others swear by them. At the root of the controversy, lies the presence or absence of Thimerosal. This property contains a trace amount of mercury which acts as a preservative in multi use flu shots and prevents bacterial contamination. There are a variety of flu vaccine formats and even one comes in a nasal spray form. Shots may also differ in that some prevent two or even up to four flu strains.

According to the literature, selecting a single dose unit may be the safest way to go since Thimerosal is absent and therefore no mercury. One can find a list of brands that produce single dose unit shots on the internet.

According to the CDC, during a 31 year span, flu related deaths ranged from 3000 to 49,000 people. The majority of deaths occurred when the individual was 65+. Of course, some people may suffer such severe symptoms that they may require hospitalization.

In summary, there are flu shot options as well as pros and cons to getting a flu shot. Will you be getting yours this year?

Here 5 Unique Uses for How you can use Pinback Buttons for your next Event or Promotion

Buttons have been used as political campaigning tools since the times of George Washington. They are also wildly popular as hand-outs at conferences and tradeshows, on college campuses, for arts organizations, marketing promotions, and more. But those aren’t the only places/ways you can use pinback buttons! Sometimes they work well even when they aren’t technically a button!

Here are 5 out-of-the-box uses for pinback buttons:

Button seating cards.

When two large families become one extra-large family you’ve got a lot of cousins to introduce and not a lot of time to do it in! Why not make it easier on everyone by creating pinback buttons with everyone’s names on them that also double Pinback Buttons Backas seating assignment placards! You could also print the name on the card itself and put the names of the bride & groom (plus the wedding data) on the button as a take home gift for your guests.

As magnets.

Many conferences/conventions hand out pinback buttons as favors that you want to keep, but the pin itself might break after a while. Salvage those old buttons and turn them into magnets to decorate your fridge! Sizes 2.25, 3″ or 2×3″ are popular Button Magnet Sizes.  Simply glue a small magnet (you can buy them at just about any craft store) to the back of your button and voila! You can use the same method to turn you old buttons into pushpins by gluing a pushpin to the underside of the button. Flex Fridge Magnets

Make your next present extra special.

When you’re done wrapping your present simply tie a big bow on top and pin a color-coordinated button to the bow to add a little extra pizzazz to your gift.

Button cupcake toppers.

Remove the pinback itself from the back of your buttons, then cut out a little piece of paper the same size of that button. You can glue a toothpick in between the button and the paper (think of it like a sandwich) and then stick your new cupcake topper into your finished baked goods! Obviously you can’t use a 4 inch button as a cupcake topper (if it’s too top heavy it will just fall over), but a big button would also be a great way to decorate a big cake!

As jewelry.

You can use pliers to clip off the sharp end of the pinback and actually bend the metal wire into a hook to create a latch point for either a necklace chain or earring hoop. You can also create a fun charm bracelet with your favorite buttons to keep them around for even longer.

Zipper Pulls a great way to show off on your zipper

Are You Ready for Your Business’s Opening Day?

Opening a small business, be it a restaurant, gym, or hair salon, is a massive undertaking. Everyone Loves Buttons™ started in 1997 so we know exactly what it takes to get a business up and running! There are a million and one pieces of paperwork that you have to keep track of just to open the doors, like applying for your Federal Employer Identification Number and getting the appropriate licensing, but the paperwork is only a tiny part of your massive to-do list! And trust us when we say that the to-do list only grows as your business does. But before you start worrying about what you need to take care of 6 months or 6 years from now, here is a short check-list of everything you need to be ready for opening day! Read More


One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when designing their custom buttons is that they try to squeeze too much into the design. Even a relatively large button, like a 6 inch round button, can only fit so much in terms of graphics and text and be visible from far away. Buttons are often called “walking billboards” because they can catch people’s attention from far away. But think of the billboards you actually notice when driving—chances are they rely on a few short words or catchy phrase, one large graphic, and primary colors. Too much information, even on a billboard, is too much for someone to take in completely one go. When it comes to billboards and buttons, less is more. Read More

How Custom Buttons Can Be Used for Marketing

If you’ve ever seen someone walking down the street wearing a button, you’ve probably wondered what it’s for and what it says. That is the appeal of buttons – they’re not something you see on everyone every day. They stand out from the norm and if someone is wearing a custom button pin, you know they have something to say to the world.

What can a button do?

In this era of digital marketing, something personalized and tangible such as a button pin, can go a long way to make you more memorable to a customer or client.

Buttons are visual – A custom button worn by staff or supporters gives a company the opportunity to engage anyone they come across in a visual way. A fun, vivacious company will want a button design that really pops with bright colors and images, even steering away from the traditional round button and choosing a square or rectangle one can help you say: “we stand out.”

A company that is more traditional, and perhaps even subdued, can use a branded logo or imagery they feel represents them well, along with basic or neutral colors. Just because your button doesn’t have bright colors and loud images, doesn’t mean you’re “boring.” You’re telling people that you’re professional and want to be seen that way.

Buttons are a voice – A button or custom pin gives a company the opportunity to tell people who you are in a few short words or with a picture. A simple mantra like “Carpe Diem,” or a strong word like “Believe,” can make a strong statement to everyone who sees your button. A short company or campaign slogan is something that can go a long way as well. A strong image or a slogan that stands out will keep people talking about you and your button pin. They may think about it and laugh, or it may cause them to go deep into thought, or simply jog a happy memory.

Where and how can I use buttons?

There is a plethora of ways to use buttons as part of your marketing strategy, some ways you can use buttons are more basic, but others will help you stand out from the rest.

  • Give away a button

Give button pins away at a trade show, while walking down the street, at schools, anywhere you can to get your message or your information out there.

  • Use buttons for a prize drawing

Include a code or number on your button pins and have a drawing for button-holders to win a prize. This will ensure that they hold on to them for at least a short time.

  • Use a button as a business card

Print your business card on a button and hand it out in meetings or conferences. People will never forget who you are.

  • Send a button in the mail

Send your button with any correspondence or products that you mail out. An attractive pin will get its way into the hands of many who are probably not expecting it, but will enjoy it.

  • Wear your button

Wearing your button will raise questions about you and why you are displaying the logo or slogan. You never know who will approach you to ask about it.

When you think of custom buttons and pins, you might think of political campaigns or even Jennifer Anniston in Office Space sporting buttons on her suspenders. Whatever comes to mind, personalized buttons stand out and are a unique way to market yourself, your company, or a cause to the world.