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Who Can Use Pinback Custom Buttons?

In actuality, everyone can use buttons to promote their business, brand, and product because everyone loves buttons! But here are just a few ways that various types of organizations can use custom buttons.


Schools and college’s can create buttons to promote all kinds of events throughout the year. For instance, custom buttons can be handed out at the first home football game of the season to all the parents of the players. Those buttons are something a proud parent would happily wear all season (at home and away), showing off their school pride. Custom button designs could also be used by a school as part of a fundraising event. For instance, maybe you have different tiers of the booster club. For every $10 someone donates they get an extra gift–a button, a pennant, coupons for free concessions at football games, even a reserved parking space for their student! Many colleges order custom buttons to welcome new students and their families during orientation week. giving all the RAs a bright button design that helps them stand out. Clubs might hand out custom buttons to their members to help spread the word on campus about their group. And fraternities and sororities often use buttons to display their Greek pride. Recently, Everyone Loves Buttons® did an order for the  Bowdoin College baseball program as part of a fundraising campaign.


Servers can wear custom buttons promoting different drink and menu specials, upcoming events (like Karaoke nights), or anything else you want! Since buttons are so durable they will last shift after shift without falling apart, making them excellent in a high-traffic space like a restaurant. A restaurant could even keep all their custom button designs in a back room and rotate them out amongst the servers as needed, making the most out of their custom button investment. One of our restaurant customers, Pizzeria Bianco, hands out custom buttons as mementos to happy patrons. These buttons are little badges of honor for those lucky enough to get a table at Pizzeria Bianco, which has been rated as the best pizza in the US by Bon Appétit, Vogue, and Rachel Ray.


Buttons have been around for well over two hundred years as a political campaigning tactic. In fact, George Washington wore the first political button at his inauguration in New York in 1789. Many buttons are still being produced today for political campaigns, at an even greater amount than they were in the past, because of less costly production methods and the widespread availability of machines. We are also seeing new forms of political buttons gaining popularity, like the disposable stick-on-badge. Right now the gubernatorial race in Arizona is heating up and just the other night our CEO Maura Statman and her daughter brought campaign buttons to an event for Arizona’s gubernatorial and congressional candidates.


With the downtown of the economy, many non-profits and performing arts organizations have struggled, some even closing their doors. Custom buttons are a cost-effective way to promote non-proftis their missions, events, and organizations to the local community. For instance, the local library could hand out buttons at the annual book sale as patrons check out. Or a museum could use buttons as opposed to regular tickets as their entrance pass, turning a ticket into a memento and advertising vehicle. For the second year Everyone Loves Buttons created custom buttons for OP3 and their many Avon Walks. The cancer survivors at each event will receive a button with a number on it corresponding to the number of years they have survived cancer, celebrating the lives they have lived since beating cancer.