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When It Comes to Buttons, Size Does Matter

Every brand is unique, and every message they have to share is equally unique. But what’s the point of having an individualized brand/message if you use the exact same platform as everyone else to help spread the word? Isn’t the point of marketing to help your company stand out from the crowd? Buttons are known as the “walking billboard,” and while the basic circle shape is fairly common among most of our customers, Everyone Loves Buttons actually carries 18 different custom button sizes and several different shapes (including square and rectangle) so that your button looks and feels exactly the way you want it to! Our CEO Maura Statman has these words of advice for button buyers regarding size and shape; There are a multitude of button sizes available and each manufacturer decides which ones to sell often based on demand. One can conclude that there is a different target market for each size button and it is the button company or promotional product distributor’s responsibility to work with a customer to make sure that they are indeed ordering the right size for the intended target market. It is also imperative to consider how much text/graphics the client wants to put on the button which greatly impacts what button size to recommend.

What’s the best size and shape button for your business?

Bigger buttons can be read from farther away.

A 6 inch button with just a few words (like “Vote for John Smith”) can be seen across a room. Larger promotional buttons work best in situations where there might be a lot of people you are trying to broadcast your message to, but you can’t guarantee that everyone will get close enough to read a smaller button. For instance, a waitress is going to walk right up to a table of customers, and a 6 inch button might be overkill because of how close she gets to the patrons. The bigger the button the more in-your-face it becomes when you get near. 6 inch buttons are actually very difficult to wear in the day-to-day and are often used by clowns and mascots.

Small buttons necessitate smaller designs.

A 1 or 1.5 inch button is pretty small, all things considered. And while they are certainly the right sized buttons in certain applications, if you are trying to spell out a whole campaign slogan or promotional deal these buttons are probably too small to fit your entire design and still be legible! You might only be able to fit a word or two and a small image, or just a small graphic on a button that small. Maura points out,  “We produce millions of buttons each year in what I would like to call the small button category which is 7/8″ round to 1 1/2″ round.  These sizes are considered trendy and you can often see them on backpacks, jean jackets, hats, etc. They are more of the novelty size buttons that especially appeal to youth or college market. They get the message across without being overbearing.”

Different shapes give you different dimensions to work within.

A square and a circle are obviously very different shapes, and that difference effects the kind/size design that you can print on those buttons. With corners and edges, square buttons certainly stand out, but if your logo is circular you won’t be able to fill the entire button with your design; the corners will stay empty even if your stretch your logo. Many wesbsites force you to fit your logo, whatever shape it may be in, into a 150 x 150 square box, but with so many sized circular buttons at your disposal, why shrink your graphics down to fit a square button when you don’t have to?

Maura also notes;

Round buttons tend to be more inexpensive so if cost is a consideration, I would recommend sticking with a round shape. For a more “elegant” look, you can choose from among a variety of shapes from oval to square or rectangles with different orientations.