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Use Buttons to Bring Conference Attendees to Your Booth

At industry conferences, most companies are looking to connect with potential customers, and sometimes new business partners, by showing off their latest and greatest products/services, trying to generate some buzz around their company with cool demos or presentations, and build up their overall brand as an industry thought leader. But having a great booth is only half the battle at an industry conference—everyone there has a great booth! So how can you make your company, your brand, and your booth the place to be at your next conference appearance? With custom buttons of course!

At the Detroit Auto Show a few years ago, Everyone Loves Buttons® CEO Maura Statman helped organize a custom button printing booth, where show attendees could design their own buttons. Everyone Loves Buttons® provided different sized and shaped buttons, various design templates, and even the button printing machines needed to crank out thousands of buttons right there on the showroom floor. It was a wildly popular booth at the show! Once a few attendees printed their custom buttons other guests began asking where they too could get a button and the button craze was off!

Everyone loves swag, especially when it’s free swag. Buttons are a great item to giveaway at your next industry conference because attendees can instantly attach them to their shirt or conference pass lanyard. Unlike another brochure or flyer, which is either going right to the bottom of their bag or the next trashcan they pass, a button is something that conference guests will be happy to hold onto! It’s important to think of buttons and mini walking billboards, carrying your brand and message across the conference hall floor. Instead of trying to catch people’s attention as they walk by, your custom buttons do all the hard work and actually encourage people to seek your booth out!

For instance, at a big wine festival there could easily be dozens, if not hundreds, of different vineyards vying for attention. Big name vineyards are bound to get a lot of attention simply because people recognize the brand. What’s a smaller, new wine label to do? Well, if they just spent a few hundred dollars creating custom buttons with their company name, logo, or clever slogan they could hand them out to the first few wine aficionados that came by their booth. Even if their wine wasn’t the attendees favorite chances are they’d be more than happy to pin a button on their lanyard or shirt pocket! Other wine fans would start to notice that some attendees have a fun button and ask where they go it, sending more foot traffic back to the now popular wine brand’s booth.

The great thing about custom buttons is that they never go out of style! If your bought a bulk order of buttons for one conference and didn’t use them all you can always store them for your next conference, hand them out at your place of business, include them in shipped orders, or give them to your partners as part of your cross-promotional campaigns. Buttons can be used in so many applications and are a great addition to your marketing toolbelt!