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Are You Ready for Your Business’s Opening Day?

Opening a small business, be it a restaurant, gym, or hair salon, is a massive undertaking. Custom Buttons started in 1997 so we know exactly what it takes to get a business up and running! There are a million and one pieces of paperwork that you have to keep track of just to open the doors, like applying for your Federal Employer Identification Number and getting the appropriate licensing, but the paperwork is only a tiny part of your massive to-do list! And trust us when we say that the to-do list only grows as your business does. But before you start worrying about what you need to take care of 6 months or 6 years from now, here is a short check-list of everything you need to be ready for opening day!

A Company Website

Most businesses, even brick-and-mortar companies like pizza shops, need a website. It’s how people are going to find you and your contact information, buy from you, share your company with their friends, and more. Even a promo_044small website with a branded domain name can mean big exposure for your new business and help you connect with local customers. For instance, you wouldn’t be able buy from Everyone Loves Buttons™ if you couldn’t find us online. Most people don’t look to the phone book for business information, and if you want anyone to come to your opening day celebration’s a website is key! You want that website ready to go on opening day so people can find your company online from the moment your doors open. Your website should very clearly showcase what products/services you offer, make it easy for people to contact your store (or even shop online), and give them all the information they’d need before laying down their credit card.

Promotional Materials

Opening day can be a very busy day for new businesses, but you really need those people to come back if you want to stay in business. One way to pull people back is with special offers and promotional materials like custom buttons! For instance, you could give way t-shirts to the first 100 people to make a purchase, throw a custom button in everyone’s bag when they check out, offer 10% off their next purchase coupons and more. Buttons are basically walking billboards and if even a few people wear them around town that’s a great way to promote your company and attract new customers! Buttons are also incredibly durable, so if you don’t hand them all out on opening day you can save them for another event!

An Accounting System

Once you have your business bank accounts set up it’s time choose an accounting program. If you think an Excel file is good enough for the time being that’s fine, but there are plenty of accounting software programs out there that make it easy to keep track of your expenses and earnings, help organize your financial data for easier tax filing, and can even manage your inventory so you know how many supplies you have in-stock. Most new business owners underestimate just how much data there is to keep track of so if a software can take some of the get-go out of it for you it’s well worth the investment!