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Silent Salesman

Blog Post: Silent Salesman

When a company does a sales promotion there are a few objectives: increasing the volume of sales, depletion of the inventory of an item that has been discontinued, rewarding the current customers, encouraging repurchases, the increase of a customer base, and finally the encouragement of initial sales on a new product. As a society we are bombarded with advertisements whether they are seen outside or on television, or heard on the radio. One of the best sale tactics comes from the seen advertisement, and these are called Silent Salesman. A silent salesman is a promotional product, sign, packaging, or displays that are designed to catch someone’s eye and sell the product. Promotional products can range from a number of things such as t-shirts, mugs, pens, signs, or even buttons/zipper pulls. By using promotional products, a company can promote existing products, as well as provide information to the customers about occurring discounts and special events. The silent salesman allows the entire company to promote the promotion without even saying a word. By using a custom button a company can advertise their products or services, and they make great promotional products that can be given away, pinned on employees, or even sold in stores. By giving away a custom button at a booth or a trade show, you can generate interest in your company’s product or service. Having an employee wear a button can also promote customer service and communication between customers and employees. These buttons could come in the form of “How may I help you?” or even “Would you like to try our new product?” The possibilities are endless when it comes to using buttons as your silent salesman. We as a company send out sample buttons to new businesses to aid in their promotional needs. Let us aid in increasing your volume of sales, rewarding your current customers, increase of a customer base, and encouraging customers to try a new product. We would like to be your silent salesman!