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Our New Association with The Daily Bread Watch by Everyone Loves Buttons, Inc.® is proud to announce our association with The Daily Bread Watch (TDBW).  As one of the leaders in the promotional products industry, we are very proud to manufacture and offer only Made in the USA customized buttons, magnets, stickers, shirts, hats and more. Our relationship with TDBW will be to run their online Swag Shop and offer the highest quality USA made products available.

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What is The Daily Bread Watch?

The Daily Bread Watch (TDBW) is an online platform bringing news to high school and college students that allows them to think about what they are reading and how it shapes their daily lives. Each day different news articles are chosen by fellow students and teachers. These articles each have a brief introduction into the article with an engaging question for the reader to consider before continuing to read the full article. Once the reader has finished the article, they can post on the blog and read what others around the country have also thought about the story.

TDBW was created by a high school business/marketing teacher to help make talking about daily news stories more engaging to high school and college students. He noticed his students were not excited to find and read about the news during their daily bell-work, and set out to create a fun and entertaining way to encourage research and  discussion about current events. 

What is in The Daily Bread Watch?

TDBW is delivered to students daily via email and is laid out into sections, starting with the stock market recap that provides an explanation of what happened in the market the day before, and what to expect for the upcoming day.

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The Full Loaf includes three to four daily headline stories.

Half Loaf logo

The Half Loaf is a short student written article (or two) about a current topic happening in the news. It then asks a thought-provoking question to promote higher level thinking and discussion among students.

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A Slice of Bread includes three to five news topics with a take on the stories by our readers.

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The Bread Crumbs includes a look back at a news story occurring on that day exactly one year ago, and encourages reflection on how the event affected them while it occurred versus their opinion in the present day.

The format of TDBW is a great choice for bell-work or assignments in a discussion board (like Canvas or a similar LTM). Students will have new topics every day to discuss and respond to, encouraging them to stay engaged in the news. This not only helps them broaden their vernacular and though processes, but it also allows them to explore new ideas and examine how their lives can be impacted.

To Subscribe to The Daily Bread Watch visit: to start receiving your “Loaf of Bread” daily.

Who is Everyone Loves Buttons®?

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We are a Nationally Certified Women Owned Business (WBENC) (WSOB) in Phoenix, AZ offering legendary customer service while manufacturing over 4 million custom buttons per year to businesses and individuals around the country.

Why Custom Buttons?

Custom Buttons have been around for a long time, and even today are still universally accepted as a major form of advertising, expression, and are very collectable. When ordering from us know your custom button pins will look smashingly good, so “Pin One On” today!


If you have any questions about a custom button order or the ordering process, you can always give us a call at 623-445-9975, or send us an email at You can also reach us through the chat feature on our website during business hours (8am-5pm Arizona Time). We are here to help in every step of your button ordering process, from beginning your order to shipping your buttons for delivery.

As always, we are in this business because Everyone Loves Buttons®!

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