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A Women Owned Business

Women Owned Business

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the largest third party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States. It is a non-profit organization that provides a world-class standard of certification to women-owned businesses throughout the country. The WBENC mission is to fuel economic growth globally through access to opportunities, by identifying, certifying, and facilitating development of women-owned businesses. Their CORE platforms are Certification, Opportunities, Resources, and Engagement.

A WBENC certification standard is the most relied upon certification of women-owned businesses. With a certification a women-owed business is recognized by the public, private, non-profit, and government entities. It is the cornerstone of WBENCs value proposition.

When it comes to opportunities, WBENC is committed to connecting both corporate and government members and women’s business enterprises in the most effective ways. They are focused on accelerating opportunities and creating a superior resource pool for all constituents. They deliver world-class programming that enhances business development and growth by maximizing relevant knowledge programs and capitalizing on the wealth of industry expertise in the community.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council also provide resource through the network to address the challenges women face in building and growing a business, providing support throughout the full lifecycle of their business. They also provide the Women Business Enterprises access needed education, support, and tools.

Finally engagement is a key constituent for success in the WBENC network. By being involved in a Women Business Enterprise the WBENC strengthens existing relationships and fosters new ones. There is recognition that promotes the success and awareness of leading practices required to create success for women entrepreneurs.

There are certain criteria that need to be met for certification such as: the applicant company must be at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents; and management and daily operation is controlled by one or more of the women owners.

Everyone Loves Buttons® is proud to be certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. We have been certified since 2008 with the WBENC. So what does this means for you, the customer? This means that we hold our selves with the highest regards when handling customer service and our customers. We are the only certified Women Owned Business in the custom button business. Follow us on Twitter (@CustomButtons97) and Spread the Word #BuyWomenOwned.

Everyone Loves Buttons® is proud to be a WBENC member producing top quality Pinback Custom Buttons right here in the USA for over 18+ years.