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Souvenir Fridge Magnets



If I'm A Retailer, Why Should I Offer More Souvenir Fridge Magnet Choices To My Customers?

The appeal of souvenir fridge magnets comes from the desire to create lasting memories from a trip or vacation, or emotional connections a person may have towards one or two of the sizes, styles, designs, sayings, current events or themes offered on the magnets for sale.

Souvenir magnets are very affordable in today's environment and produce some very interesting conversational topics when you stick them on refrigerators, school / gym lockers, or any other metal surfaces in frequently viewed locations. Our premium magnets really are better magnets; your customers will notice the difference and choose them over others.

Souvenir fridge magnets have been around forever, and today they are still universally accepted as a major form of EXPRESSION & PRIDE with some Limited Edition being Highly Collectible.


Souvenir Fridge Magnets Are A Low Cost Investment

Our 2.5x3.5" rounded corner, square corner or 3" round magnets are better magnets because we manufacture them in-house using our premium soft-touch matte finish, creating a one-of-a-kind souvenir magnet compared to what's selling in stores today – and best of all – with competitive pricing to boot! Our souvenir fridge magnets are inexpensive for you to buy and inexpensive for your customers to purchase from you, creating added impulse sales as a result. With the price range of a souvenir magnet sitting under five dollars (most retail from $3.50 to $4.99+), your gift shop will see a rise in sales, guaranteed!

Because our magnets are custom-designed to fit your particular needs – such as showcasing popular tourist attractions, today's hot topics, holiday or political to explicit designs – you will see more and more customers lining up to purchase these eye-catching and unique souvenirs. In today’s market, people feel much less hesitant about making a small purchase compared to a large one, and a souvenir magnet is the ideal small purchase to make.

Our custom / stock souvenir magnet designs will give you an edge over other gift shops and retailers who are selling laminate or mylar-topped magnets. We offer fast turnaround from the design to creation phase (we are the manufacturer), with legendary customer service to walk you through every stage of the process, and a product that stands out from the rest (outselling laminate or mylar topped magnets 4-to-1 according to current retailers!), is why we can proudly say our magnets really are Better Magnets!

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What Makes Our Magnets, Better Magnets?

  • 100% Made In USA Parts - Manufactured & Designed in our Phoenix, AZ Factory
  • Our Size Selection: New Unique Size 2.5" x 3.5" Rounded Corners that set us apart from the standard square corners selling today, NO sharp corners (we are one of the only USA manufactures that offers this unique size/shape).
  • Standard 2.5" x 3.5" Square Corners are available (we use sq. corner parts for all flag designs & limited edition magnets only) Our flag designs are not just flags but unique pieces of art!
  • 3" Round shape we use on some selected holiday / seasonal designs along with some limited editions.
  • Unique Premium Soft-touch Matte Finish - Designs & colors pop off the magnet face and also have a great smooth feel that customers are sure to love (outselling laminate or mylar topped magnets 4-to-1 according to current retailers)!
  • Unique Custom/Stock Designs - Whether you’d like to choose from our collection of stock designs ready to go, use your own designs or logos, or work with us on something more custom & unique, our legendary in-house graphics design department is here to help you bring your vision to life. We have designs for everyone and every type of retail environment.
  • Optional Small 1x2" UPC Labels on the Magnet Back if Needed at no charge . Custom large 2x2.75" labels are available for a additional charge + set-up fee.
  • Optional Counter Top Spinning Displays 10.75"x16.25"x6.75" Available in Black or White for $75 (spinning display holds 175+ magnets w/optional price decal on front). 1st time buyer? We have a stock design program available for a FREE spinning display. Email or call 623.445.9978 to speak to one of our souvenir fridge magnet specialists for details.
  • Our Souvenir Fridge Magnets Really are Better Magnets & will outsell your current mylar-topped or laminate magnets 4-to-1 (statement based on retailers’ feedback). Call 623.445.9978 for a Free Sample and to speak with a Better Magnet Specialist about current retail programs or click the Retailers Only Area below.


Souvenir Fridge Magnets

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Not A Retailer? We All Can Help Make An Impact For Charity One Magnet At A Time

By purchasing selective "Support The Cause Fridge Magnets for Charity" you can help make an Impact. $2 goes towards the charitable fund listed on selective designs.